Do we go down the “controversial road ” during times of COVID-19?…It’s a tough decision…We need your help!…

We spotted killer whales in the Polar Circle in Antarctica in 2018. 
See our link from that date here.

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Today’s photos are from a post one year ago today as we reminisced over a beautiful evening with friends in South Africa with more beautiful scenes from Marloth Park. The event depicted there didn’t necessarily occur on this date since I was still recovering during this period last year.

A giraffe and a few impalas spending time together. From our post on this date one year ago, found here.

After an overwhelming response from our readers regarding our post on April 24th entitled, “Conspiracy Theories…Alarming News,” we’re faced with a dilemma of sorts.

Do we continue on this path espousing information on COVID-19 that we’ve gleaned from reliable sources, or do we step back a little and let each person decide for themselves? What do our readers feel about us sharing some of the information we discover on what is transpiring all over the world in regard to the virus?

Two Big Daddies head butting for dominance.

Our long-term readers are well aware we do not flippantly post potentially unreliable information in our posts. Our fact-checking is a mainstay of our daily posts. 

And yes, writing a new story 365 days a year could result in an occasional mishap in providing information. Perhaps something altered intentionally or unintentionally as presented from what appears to be a reliable source, for example, Harvard Medical School or the Mayo Clinic.

That night, we girls had our hands on the top of our heads for some reason, from left to right, Louise, Dawn, Me, Linda, and Rita, the birthday girl.  Sadly, Kathy and Don missed this party when they were away.

But, even those appearing reliable sources are stating some questionable theories and “opinions” at this time of COVID-19. For example, such references need to stop beating around the bush about where this virus was generated and face the facts. It was China. Plain and simple. 

And, political correctness by not saying it came from China is purely ridiculous. If it came from the USA, UK, or France, no one would hesitate to call it the US Virus, the UK Virus, or the French Virus. 

He was visiting dung beetle minus his partner and his ball of dung.

Oh, don’t let me go down this road. It’s a slippery slope for me to be hauling out my soapbox, which is definitely in my nature, for which I struggle to temper consistently.

So the question to all of you is this… Do I share what I learn conducting research about eight hours a day, or do I stick to the theme of our website; world travel, personal experiences, and now the experience of being in lockdown for over a month in a hotel room in Mumbai, India?

From left to right; Danie, Leon, Tom, Gerhard, and Ken.  What a fun night we had! The boys toasted to the events of the evening, the night we celebrated Rita’s birthday.

We’re going to leave this up to all of you. Please send me an email (see our links on the top right side of the daily post above the photo of us in Petra) and either write (in the subject line):

YES:  Meaning you’d like us to post information we find reliable with  substantiating reliable links and videos or,

NO:   Meaning stick to the usual

Your opinions mean the world to us. We value every one of you who stops by each day to read our often mundane and simple messages along with some occasional more exciting content. Your opinions matter.
It was a dreadfully hot day when I made eight pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving dinner in the bush. The temperature was 40C, 104F, and I had trouble rolling the dough properly in the humid heat. Thus, I made all of them with a thick crust, all I could manage in the heat and humidity. They tasted good anyway, so they said.

If the majority says YES, we won’t go on a rampage with our opinions, although we may interject a few. We will share what we’re learning each day, along with the trivia of our confinement, plans, hopes, and dreams.

This doesn’t mean the format or nature of our posts will disappear. It only means we’ll share a few new morsels each day, including from where and whom they’ve been discovered, along with appropriate links, which may be web pages or videos.

Bushy-tailed bushbaby at Jabula Restaurant’s veranda one Saturday night.

In no way will I be offended or disappointed if you’d prefer we keep our posts to our usual lighter nature, perhaps offering you a respite from being bombarded with COVID-19 news day after day.

Information should not be censored. We are all adults and mature enough to siphon what information we’ll take to heart, or we’ll dismiss entirely or in part. We can easily save our views to share, our family and friends, many of whom feel the same way we do…

Of course, when and if we get back to a somewhat “normal” existence once again and return to traveling, our focus will also return to living in the moment, exploring our surroundings, and sharing our daily experiences.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. As alone as we are, isolated from social interactions, we never feel alone due to all of YOU. Duh, and each other, too!

Photo from one year ago today, April 26, 2019:

Tom tossed out some cut banana peels to the kudus, and one landed on Big Daddy’s head between his massive horns, of which he was well aware.  After eating these pellets, he made his way to a tree using the branches to knock off the wayward piece of banana peel. It took him a few minutes to resolve the issue, but he walked away, shaking his head a few times once it was done. Sorry, Big Daddy! For more, please click here.

Comments and responses Do we go down the “controversial road ” during times of COVID-19?…It’s a tough decision…We need your help!…

  1. Diwakar Reply

    Hello Tom and Jessica. I am a Pastor from Mumbai India. I did send you an emmal in the month of December 2019 but never received any response from you. Those pictures of you with your friends and of some of the wild annimals are most enjoyable. I love wild life.I am fascinated by your world travel and just felt that if you are coming to India then it would be our pleasure to have you come and stay with us and encourage in our out reach ministry to the underprivileged and also go around seeing the places of tourist interest. I will still be so happy to receive your respons to my email. I know that for next few months it will not be possible for you to resume your travel but when the lock down is over and the international flights as well as sea vovage begins. But I will be more happy to get connected with you and let us know your plans. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. God's richest blessings on you both and may the Lord keep you safe during this time of the outbreak of Corona virus. Praying for your safety. My email id is:dhwankhede(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is diwakar Wankhede

  2. Jessica Reply

    Pastor, I am so sorry we didn't respond to your message in December. I kept meaning to but somehow kept putting it off figuring I would once we arrived in India. And then, once we arrived here time got away from us. Thank you for your kind offer to meet with you and in normal times, we wouldn't hesitate. But, in these times of Covid-19, once the airport opens, we'll be on our way to another country probably with only 24 hours notice. Feel free to write by email following the link on our homepage. May you, your family and your congregation stay safe from this dreaded illness.
    God bless all of you as well,
    Jess & Tom

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