Day #218 in lockdown in Mumbai, India hotel…I walked India…Beating a myth…

I received this message from Fitbit that I've earned my India walking badge.

Much to my surprise and delight, I received this message from Fitbit. (Please excuse the sound enhancer bar, which is impossible to avoid when performing a screen print on a Google Pixel phone).

Today, there are no past photos based on the content of our story. Tomorrow, we’ll be back with more photos.

Today, our main photo is from an email I received yesterday from Fitbit that presented me with a “badge,” which is merely a motivation booster, not necessarily of any particular value. Since I’m already reasonably motivated, such a token holds little value to me, but it does give me a better perspective of how much I’ve walked since we arrived in India at the end of January 2020.

During our one-week train tour on the Maharajas Express, we stopped each day at the equivalent of “ports of call” and walked short distances, never more than 10 or 15 minutes from the train station at the time. When we began our private tour at the end of the train journey, we walked, but never more than one or two kilometers each day

From February 2, when the train tour began until the lockdown started, the numbers looked as follows:

Totals from February 2 to March 24, 2020, while on time in India:

  • 309,404 steps
  • 1844 floors
  • 129.87 miles, 209 km
  • 92,903 calories

Totals from March 24, 2020, to October 26, 2020, while living in the hotel in Mumbai:

  • 1,423,197 steps
  • 11 floors
  • 630.7 miles
  • 363,164 calories

The balance of the 1997 miles mentioned above, 3214 km, of 1867 miles, 3005 km, was done here in this hotel since March 24, 2020, the day lockdown began, and we arrived at this Marriott Hotel. This averages 8.6 miles, 14 km, per day. Of course, this includes walking around our room and heading to the lobby to pay the hotel bills as they become due.

Ironically, while I’ve been working on losing the weight I’d gained while on all those heart medications 18 months ago, the past two months, I’ve lost 20 pounds, 9.07 kg, with only five more pounds, 2.27 kg to go. I didn’t lose an ounce while walking the corridors all these months before reducing my carb intake.

If the “calories in/calories out” hypothesis were correct, this amount of walking would have resulted in a weight loss of 35 pounds, 16 kg, as described below:

My average calories consumed each day, 1500 x 217 days (not counting today), would equal 327,000 calories, which I deducted from the total calories burned at 456,067 for a total of 129,067, divided by an average of 3600 calories to lose one pound, I would have lost 35 pounds, 16 kg, from walking. In reality, But, instead, I’d gained weight while eating the high-carb red sauces I was consuming for the first six months in this hotel, even while walking all along.

Working out most of my adult life always confirmed that intense exercise doesn’t result in long-term weight loss. It boils down to what we put in our mouths, proven further to me by this current scenario.

Once I lose this final few pounds, I will slightly increase my calorie intake to maintain rather than continue to fail. I must admit this has been easy for me. With no refrigerator or cupboards packed with nuts and cheese for snacking between meals, I’ve managed to deal with an occasional desire for a snack. The weight has fallen off. I feel good and couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve yet to start trying on my old clothes but will do so once I’ve finished losing, which should be in the next three weeks.

Then I can begin collecting a pile of clothing to donate the larger-sized “Heidi” clothes (clothes to hide excess weight) and trim down my luggage to the bare minimum. My legs don’t hurt as much while walking (due to less inflammation from carb intake), which hopefully will continue to improve over the next month or two. This has been a good thing for my health.

So there is my story, folks. Please feel free to comment or ask questions if you are curious for more information.

Have a great day!

Photo from one year ago today, October 27, 2019:

The digital Le Petit Chef appeared on our plates during dinner in a specialty restaurant on the ship, dragging a digital lobster onto the plate in preparation for serving the bouillabaisse. For a video and more photos, please click here.

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      Thanks, Louise! We always love sharing our posts with you!

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  1. Fern Reply

    I am amazed that you have remain so positive while living in such confined circumstances! Well done and may you continue to be healthy and happy. xx

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      Thanks, Fern! We so appreciate your well wishes. You stay healthy and happy too!

      Warmest regards,
      Jess & Tom

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      Fern, sorry it took so long to reply. Your comment slipped past me. Thank you for your kind words. Its encouragement from people like you that help us hang in there. Stay safe.

      Warmest regards,
      Jess & Tom

  2. Peter Smith Reply

    Hi Jess

    Caro and I are changing our email addresses with immediate effect. Can you, therefore, please send you blog to the following:

    Peter Smith:
    Carolyn Smith:

    We continue to be amazed by yours and Tom’s resilience under the very difficult conditions in which you are currently living. We pray that things will work out soon so that these will change and you will be able to carry on your travels. Good luck to you both and stay safe! Peter & Caro xx

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      Thank you Caro and Peter. Your kind words mean so much to us both. Please stay safe and healthy as well.

      I’ve ensured you both will receive our daily posts.

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