Day #216 in lockdown in Mumbai, India hotel…I didn’t feel like it today…

This time of year in the South Pacific, papaya is ripening and ready for consumption as it turns yellow.

Today’s photos are from the post on this date in 2015 while living in Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji, a continuation from yesterday’s post on our visit to the Vuadomo Waterfalls. For more from this date, please click here.

This morning upon awakening, I scoured my mind for today’s topic for this post. My mind was blank for the first time in almost 3000 posts (in a few days, we’ll reach 3000). Would it be surprising that on day #216 in lockdown in a hotel in India, that I could conceivably run out of topics? We don’t go anywhere. We don’t do anything, 7.2 months later.

Typically in rainforests, we’ve observed insects and birds as more colorful than in less dense areas of vegetation. Tima, our guide to the waterfall, spotted this caterpillar we’d easily have missed.

We don’t even venture outdoors when there’s nowhere to sit in the sun for some Vitamin D. The pool area is still closed. Thank goodness we’re taking supplements in the hope of combating this reality. We aren’t sightseeing or even entering other hotel locations that may offer some points of interest, artwork, or design.

We don’t discuss politics or politically motivated or impacted topics. We don’t discuss our religious beliefs, sex, or emotional trials. We may have time to time. Avoidance of these delicate topics leaves only the harsh realities of our current lifestyle, stuck in this average-sized single hotel room without a view.

A short wooden ramp of three logs led to the stone path. When we ventured across those three logs, I expected a wobbly hike once we were on the rocks. Tima and Rasnesh, our driver in Savusavu, waited for us while we loaded an extra battery into the camera.

We’ve been grateful to have a plethora of old photos to share and snippets of the stories that precipitated the taking of these included photos. No words can express how helpful those photos have been in providing fodder for our daily posts. Perhaps, it’s exceedingly repetitious to our loyal readers, leaving us in awe of how and why people continue to return day after day to see what we have to say and share. Thank you for this. Without all of you, we’d be in even a worse pickle.

Oh, yes, we stream some shows we mention from time to time. Son, Richard in Nevada recommended The Walking Dead with its ten seasons with 115 episodes. We despised stories about zombies. We now love The Walking Dead and look forward to continuing binge-watching it, night after night.

These tony chilies are often for sale at the Farmer’s Market. 

In the late afternoons, we binge-watch Hannibal, another gory, bloody TV series, keeping us entertained for a few more hours each day. We’ve already gone through so many series with less blood and guts. We’re almost done with Big Brother All-Stars on CBS All Access, for which we had to buy a month-to-month subscription. Even that has become dull. We’ll cancel that service as soon as the series ends.

We miss shows like Schitt”s Creek (Netflix), The Americans (Amazon Prime, The Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime), and many more we’ve already forgotten. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them our way. We prefer TV series with lots of seasons/episodes over those with only one or two seasons, leaving us with cliffhangers, never knowing if they’ll ever return in light of COVID-19.

The grass was wet here, making it essential to fit our feet onto the individual stone steps.

We were excited to read that the popular series, Dexter (Showtime), is returning for yet another season in 2021. That was my favorite, all-time TV series. Tom’s favorite may have been Hell on Wheels (Amazon Prime), but we each enjoyed each other’s favorites. We’ve made a pact to ensure we both like all shows we binge-watch. Otherwise, it would be pretty tough to get through 100 episodes of any series.

The only TV shows we keep on the TV here in the background in the morning in the Russian Network (RT), which is spoken in English with news from around the world. During the day, while working on our laptops, we keep the TV on, muted, to channel 509, Nat Geo Wild, so we can get wildlife fixed each time we look at the screen. We often point out memorable scenes to one another when we happen to look up from our laptops.

Still, at quite a distance, we gasped with delight over our first peek at the waterfall, which is much larger than it appears in this photo.

Besides posting, correcting old posts, and managing finances, I spend little time on my laptop. Tom listens to his podcast, Garage Logic, as mentioned a few days ago in this post. He also continues with his extensive research on and other historical sites of interest to him. From time to time, he checks out Facebook, which I don’t do much other than to post a link to our most current post, see what’s happening with family and friends, and of course, in Marloth Park.

Ah, look here!! I made it through today’s post without spending too much time wracking my brain.

Rushing waters in the creek below the waterfall.

Have a pleasant weekend!

Photo from one year ago today, October 25, 2019:

The first morning’s Cruise Critic meeting was held in the Sky Lounge on deck 14. For more photos, please click here.

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