Day #211 in lockdown in Mumbai, India hotel…Reminiscing about Hawaii…

This is a Gold Dust Day Gecko that we found on the wall in the lanai during the storm. They looked up at me as I shot this photo. 

Today’s photos are from the post on this date in 2014 while living in Maui, Hawaii. For more from this date, please click here.

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The Gold Dust Day Gecko’s full-body shot shows the colorful spots on her back and the cute little blue fingers.

It’s a new day. I’ve pulled myself up by my bootstraps and awoke in a better state of mind this morning, after yesterday’s downtrodden attitude. A good night’s sleep helped, and an uncomfortable physical feeling subsided.

I felt achy and lethargic yesterday, and my mind did the trick on me. Did I catch COVID-19 after visiting two ATMs on Saturday? Of course, this ran over and over in my mind while I struggled to walk in the corridors. I had planned to take off the day and postpone walking, but I always pushed myself and managed to get it done.

The surf settled down as Hurricane Ana wafted away.

As it turned out, the walking boosted my energy level, and the closer I got to my 10,000 steps, the better I felt. I think I was suffering from a “negative attitude,” which can most certainly impact how one feels physically. Today, I am my usual “chipper” self with lots of energy, and most of all, hope. It will be a good day.

It helped to think about all the tasks we’ve completed over the past months; the majority of the new site completed; the taxes done for 2019; records kept up to date. And progress on the 3000 posts requiring edits. As of today, I am one-fifth of the way through. I’ve taken off the pressure to accomplish this in months. Suppose it takes a year, no big deal. It’s not as if there is a deadline. I will do some each day after finishing the daily post.

A warning sign on the ground of the condo building.

Also influential in my upbeat state of mind have been the countless supportive email messages we received overnight from our readers/friends after reading yesterday’s sad post, found here. I don’t recall a single post revealing a negative state of mind, as did that post. I suppose, under the circumstances, I’m surprised I hadn’t felt this way sooner.

We still have a few items to correct on the new site. But, this is an ongoing process that will continue for some time as we discover things that can be improved. If you experience any issues, please feel free to let me know. We want our site to be as user-friendly as possible.

Flowers blooming on a tree in the yard.

As I researched the past photos we’re sharing today on this particular date in any year, it appeared the continuation of Kenya didn’t quite work out with fewer photos on this date. I moved forward to 2014 and found these photos from our glorious six weeks in Maui.

We stayed in a lovely spacious one-bedroom condo with ocean views and with every possible amenity. The day we arrived, we shopped at the closest Costco store when a hurricane appeared to be on the horizon. Hawaii has dozens of types of Spam. We ended up purchasing more than we’d ever need when we became excited over the multiple varieties. This item would work well with scrambled eggs in a power outage, cooking on the gas stovetop.

This attractive palm-type tree is growing on the grounds of the building.  Tom’s walking along the shore, checking for points of interest.

Well, of course, the hurricane wasn’t as bad as predicted, the power stayed on, and we had Spam coming out of our ears, which we hauled in our luggage to the next island, The Big Island, where our kids were coming for the holidays. Finally, we used it all.

Maui, where I’d vacationed many times in my old life, before Tom, was as wonderful as I remembered it. Sunny, breezy, perfect temperatures, and lots of marine wildlife made it a fantastic spot to relax from our somewhat hectic prior months. 

The Maalaea Marina walking distance from our condo.

We walked along the beach to spot sea turtles almost daily. Wow! That certainly sounds good right now! We spent days by the pool, hiking and exploring, cooking fabulous meals, never disappointed by its tropical treasures.

That’s all for today, folks! Again, thanks for the thoughtful messages.

May you have a safe and pleasant day!

Photo from one year ago today, October 20, 2019:

The lush green countryside that surrounds Raglan Castle was breathtaking. For more photos, please click here.

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