Day #163 in lockdown in Mumbai, India hotel…India is opening up amid the raging virus…

Day #163 in lockdown in Mumbai, India hotel…India is opening up amid the raging virus…
The beaches were stunning in Trinity Beach, Australia.

The photos today are from this date in 2015 while in Trinity Beach, Australia. (We didn’t post any pictures on this date in 2014). Please see this link here.

Yesterday, there were more new cases of COVID-19 in India than in any other country in the world, as follows:

New cases in one day: India at 78,169; USA at 41,979; Brazil at 41,889;

Deaths in one day: India: 1025; USA: 1164; Brazil 1166;

Midday sunlight filtering through the trees.

India is slowly opening businesses, including bars, restaurants, hotels, government buildings, schools, and more, even with these outrageous high numbers. I agree with the re-opening of businesses throughout the world. However, when we look out the windows, we see no social distancing among the locals and little mask-wearing.

Our concern is that with these re-openings and the lack of responsibility among citizens, more cases will befall the country of India, and another deeper lockdown will be required, resulting in less likelihood of us being able to fly out of Mumbai to some other country. Of course, international flights remain unavailable except for repatriation to a handful of countries, none befitting our situation.

The full moon was rising as it made its way through the clouds above Yorkeys Knob.

Although liquor stores are open and delivery is available, neither have ever enjoyed having a cocktail or wine while sitting in a hotel room. Subsequently, we’ve decided to wait for our first “happy hour” when we’re in a new location where it will feel celebratory. Drinking alcohol in our room seems pointless. It’s the socialization we particularly enjoy, not just drinking alcohol.

It appears, at this point, we could go outdoors, although the hotel prefers long-term guests remain inside the hotel. If a business traveler stays here for two or three days and contracts the virus while in Mumbai, they may not exhibit symptoms and become infectious for a few days. They could be long gone at that point, avoiding infecting the rest of us here in the hotel.

The moon offered quite a show.

Going for a walk outdoors is not appealing to us with the number of people in Mumbai, the crowded streets, the traffic, and the lack of social distancing and mask-wearing. Besides, we are located in a less than ideal neighborhood for wandering about freely.

When I went downstairs yesterday to pay our bill, two men were encouraging me to enter when the lift arrived on the fourth floor. I waved them on without me. First off, Tom and I have agreed to avoid sharing an elevator with anyone other than each other, and secondly, one of the two men wasn’t wearing a mask. No way would I enter that elevator due to both of these scenarios.

The esplanade in Trinity Beach didn’t disappoint with accessible facilities for visitors of all ages.

Are we overly cautious? Perhaps. But, a year of inconvenience is well worth avoiding a death sentence when I am exceptionally high risk, as mentioned many times. Who cares what others may think of our hesitation and cautiousness in avoiding contracting COVID-19?

As time has passed, we know more and more people who’ve been infected and have suffered for weeks. My dear sister Julie, in California, has been ill these past two weeks. Thank God she didn’t get the respiratory illness often accompanying COVID-19. I was terrified of losing another sister. However, she had to seek help in an emergency room when she became so ill. I’m hoping now she’s on the mend since, finally, her fever has abated. One of my sons was infected and luckily recovered without severe respiratory symptoms.

Hotels, resorts, and vacation homes line the esplanade along with several restaurants.

At this point, in one way or another, COVID-19 has touched all of our lives. Whether it was the loss of a loved one/friend, a job loss, loss of income, loss of business, children out of school, or the inability to partake in the usual activities of daily life, it has impacted all of us.

If we were willing to take the risk, we could probably go outside. But, for this very reason, we won’t fly back to the USA. To avoid the massive infection rates, we choose to stay put. Standing in the hotel’s parking lot won’t provide us with any comfort or sense of freedom. Instead, we stayed safely ensconced in our hotel room, writing to all of you, reading, talking, laughing, eating our two meals a day, streaming our various shows, and making every effort to maintain a positive attitude.

There were plenty of shady spots for those who preferred to stay out of the sun.

In 17 days, we’ll have been in this room for six months. No doubt, we’ll mention this once more when that time arrives. Even in lockdown, we continue to observe milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays if only by mention to one another.

Thanks to our readers for your kindness and support. I’d be lost without being able to write to you each day. Sorry for the repetitive nature of our posts. Once we get out of here, everything will change.

It was quiet at Trinity Beach, with only a few more visitors than we’ve noticed during prior visits.

Stay safe and healthy and treasure every moment of good health.

Photo from one year ago today, September 2, 2019:

View (overlooking an umbrella on the veranda) from the second level dining area at the Boathouse Pub and Restaurant in Falmouth, Cornwall, England. For more photos, please click here.

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