Day #130 in lockdown Mumbai, India hotel…Final photos in Madeira in 2014…

We were thrilled to see a full moon over the hills of Madeira or a clear night, six years ago today.

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Today’s photos are from the post from July 31, 2014, while in Madeira, Portugal. See the link here for more photos.
Tom recalls our months in Madeira as a memorable experience.

It was July 31, 2014. It was our last day in Madeira, Portugal, after a colorful and fascinating 2½ months living in a beautiful, well-equipped contemporary home overlooking the ocean and lush green terraces, prolific on the hilly island.

Always windy, but I loved every day in Madeira.

Although little English was spoken in the tiny village of Campanario, somehow we managed to meet many locals, engaging in choppy conversations, and dining in fabulous restaurants where seafood was always the most popular item on the menu.

We always enjoyed it when the low lying clouds and fog rolled in.

The charm of the locals and the manner in which we were welcomed will remain at the forefront of our memories of this stunning island. The weather wasn’t always ideal with fog, rain, clouds, and high winds common during the spring and summer months.

Early on, we purchased this tuna from the musical fish truck, caught that morning.

The sunny days were appreciated and comfortable, rarely requiring air-con at night and we left the doors and windows wide open during daylight hours. High on a hill overlooking the sea, on occasion, we sat outdoors on the huge veranda in the comfy chaise lounges.

We arrived in Madeira mid-May when the flowers were in full bloom. They were the most beautiful flowers we’ve seen anywhere.

Every few days either both of us or me alone, climbed the breathlessness inducing steep hills. Talk about getting exercise on a short walk! At the time, I had no idea I had cardiovascular disease, severe enough that I could have had a fatal heart attack when I was huffing and puffing to climb the steep hills.

The goats and two kids next door were a constant source of enjoyment. Although too far to get good photos, they were close enough to always respond with a hearty “baa” whenever we sent a “baa” their way. 

It was only 4½ years later I was diagnosed with 100% blockage in three of four coronary arteries, including the most dangerous LAD, described as follows:
“When the main artery down the front of the heart (LAD) is totally blocked or has a critical blockage, right at the beginning of the vessel, it is known as the Widow Maker. (The medical term for this is a proximal LAD lesion.)”

We purchased fresh organic produce from the musical truck every week during our time in Madeira.

Of course, I am grateful every day that my life has been extended after triple coronary bypass surgery in South Africa 17 months ago. However, right now, I can’t help but feel that precious time is being wasted locked in a hotel room as the months fly by. Oh, I can’t think about that!

Beautiful non-traditional colors of vegetation.

Back to the final day in Madeira in 2014, when the next day we were flying to Paris for a blissful 15-night stay, followed by another 15-night stay in London in the lovely South Kensington area. 

We never ceased to enjoy the terraced gardens so typical on the island.

Over this next month, we’ll re-share many photos from that wonderful and memorable month, including a wide array of experiences and photos we’ll always treasure.

A surprising close up of what appeared to be a blue stalk from afar.

And today? What’s happening now? We ordered a package via FedEx from our mailing service in the US with items we’ve purchased since we left the US in January. Our new second passports are in that box and a number of much-needed supplies including my contact lenses and toiletries we can’t get in India along with other odds and ends. 

We were amazed by the green fuzzy buds on this colorful flower.

Tom always follows the package via the tracking number on FedEx’s site. Right now, the package is at a standstill in New Delhi, awaiting customs inspection and subsequent fees. 

We were delighted when these orchids were growing on our patio.

The cost to ship the box from Nevada to Mumbai was INR 29909, US $400 when shipped 2nd-day air. Most likely we won’t receive the package for two to three more weeks.

We squealed when we drove under a waterfall in order to continue on the road.

Otherwise, all is status quo. The past three days I’ve reached my walking goal of 10,000 steps a day. I may alternate between 8000 and 10000 steps, day by day. I am unwilling to try to do this in one fell swoop since I feel it is more beneficial walking once an hour. Tom is doing great exercising as well, although he does multiple flights of stairs and corridors walks once in the morning.

Have a good day! Stay safe. Stay hopeful.


Photo from one year ago today, July 31, 2019:

Belted Galloway cattle all possess this unique pattern of a white belt around their midsection. For more photos, please click here.

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