COVID-19 stats…Watching the numbers can be good and bad…Nature photos from five years ago…

While in Kauai, Hawaii on this date, five years ago, we speculated, based on appearance, that there’s some sort of permanent pouch beneath this shedding skin of this Green Anole.  We had difficulty finding details on the shedding process of these lizards. For more on this post from five years ago on this date, please click here.

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We’re all functioning in our ways during these stressful times of this pandemic. Some prefer to be glued to their TVs and internet for updates, while others find they can maintain a lower stress level by avoiding news and stats.
Of course, news mediums can send any of us into a tailspin with doomsday scenarios which can play over and over in our minds, as they replay them over and over on TV, while we continually wonder when this will end and if we can ever return to life as we knew it. For us, as world travelers, we can imagine the possibility of our lifestyle changing forever if future international travel becomes dangerous and foolhardy amid the constant risk and fear of becoming ill with the virus or, in the worst-case scenario, other potential viruses.

We don’t dwell on that thought. Instead, we both believe that in time this awful virus will pass, and we’ll embrace a “new normal” of extra precautions, which may include those we’re embracing now: wearing face masks when out and about, frequent hand washing, and social distancing at public venues.
One possible change in the future may ultimately consist of avoiding cruises altogether for perhaps years to come. We’ve often cruised as a means of getting from one country to another. 
The loss of this means of transportation would significantly impact our travels when the only alternative is to fly from country to country, which in itself is highly risky at this juncture and possibly well into the future.

Regardless of how frequently we check the news or online stats, we can’t shelter ourselves from the harsh facts. COVID-19 is escalated in most countries right now, particularly in our own USA.

It’s been impossible for me to avoid checking the stats each day using this site which appears to stay up-to-date for each country, state, and worldwide. Please click here for this site, Worldometer. There is no cost to use this site, nor do you have to enter any personal information.

This is a Brown Anole,

If avoidance is your preference, without direct contact with others than those in your household (which should be the case for everyone worldwide at this point), keeping the TV off and sticking to streaming shows and entertainment could be a reasonable means of keeping it off of your mind to some degree.

Many are suffering emotionally and rightfully so from fears regarding loss of income, possible loss of jobs, paying bills, and in many cases, simply putting food on the table, along with the constant fear of acquiring the virus.

Of course, for most, the most significant concerns are for those who have contracted the virus and facing death in its wake or, in passing the virus on to others with whom they’ve come in contact, including family members in their own homes.

Many free online resources are available for those experiencing extreme stress they feel they cannot manage independently. For the rest of us, reaching out to family and friends via chat programs, free online call apps, and face time resources may be beneficial. We are all in the same boat, one way or another, and staying in touch with those we love can be an instant stress reliever.

For me, knowing the numbers is essential. After all, I am an information junkie to the extreme. On the other hand, Tom kindly asked me to stop quoting figures to him a few days ago. He knows what’s going on from being online but prefers not to be reminded. I complied and now keep the numbers to myself.

Do the numbers make me worry more or less? Neither. From all the reading and listening I’ve done thus far, I’ve accepted the reality that this virus may continue for months to come and that the lockdown scenario may continue well into the summer months.

This morning at breakfast, Tom asked me again, “Are you bored?” 

“Not yet,” I answered, but it’s still early days. 

Discovering this is Green Anole, not a gecko, was quite a thrill.  Perhaps, some of our readers may find us goofy for our enthusiasm when seeing such a creature.  We find all animals and vegetation fascinating in one way or another.

We’ve only been living in self-isolation in hotels (3) since March 12th (minus two trips to the airport) and in government lockdown since March 25th in this hotel, Mumbai Courtyard by Marriott, when we checked in on March 24th. 

Walking once an hour helps. Doing our posts helps. Texting with friends and family members helps. Streaming mindless drivel on my laptop allows while using an earpiece so Tom can listen to his shows simultaneously.
And above all, staying away from people, staying inside, washing hands, not sharing the lift, honoring lockdown rules, and staying optimistic all play a vital role in keeping us on track, especially in the event this could last for months to come.
There are few times in life we have the opportunity to be “heroes.” Now, at this time in history, we can all choose to be heroes by staying indoors and giving this dreadful virus a chance to dissipate. 
Correction from a prior post: I misquoted the number of rooms in this hotel. It’s 334 rooms which as of today, 35 rooms are occupied with guests. More guests have arrived since we checked in. The hotel staff explained that these new guests came from other hotels closed where they’d also been in lockdown.
It’s problematic to the original group and us that new guests have been allowed to check-in, which has required us to be diligent until their two to three-week lockdown period passes. However, as more and more hotels close, we expect more guests to check in here, thus increasing the risks.

Stay safe, stay indoors. Wash your hands. Wear a mask when grocery shopping. (Preferably order food and prescriptions online, planning well in advance for supplies to replenish). 

Photo from one year ago today, April 4, 2019:

Kudus is in the garden awaiting our return.  Big Daddy is patiently waiting for his turn. For more photos, please click here.

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