Another week races by…Why does time fly fast when we’re older…Living in the moment…More photos from Princeville Ranch…

Curly’s stories of building the ranch, its history, its activities, and the grass-fed cattle business were varied and interesting. In this shot, he was pointing to the sea. We turned around to see the beauty of the ocean at a distance, another fabulous aspect of the Princeville Ranch.

Why does time seem to fly by us quickly when we’re hunkered down, having seen most of the local sights, findings ourselves settled into a routine? When perusing online for various answers to this question, I discovered a few answers that attempt to satisfy my curiosity.

The horse ranch is often busy with tourists riding out on guided tours of the Princeville Ranch.

This answer from an issue of Psychology Today provided me with a few possibilities such as this writer’s comments as follows:

Tom was thoroughly enjoying our tour of the Princeville Ranch.

“So what is the key to time perception? The routine makes time go faster, unique, and memorable events slow down time. Although there is comfort in routine, it does make time fly. So, if you want to “slow down” time, and make your days last longer, change the routine. Create unique experiences for each one. You can also engage in greater mindfulness by focusing on and savoring each passing moment. The old adage of “live for the moment” is the key to slowing down those quickly passing years.”

This is the off-road vehicle in which we toured the Princeville Ranch.

This philosophy may actually hold true. For Tom and I, it feels particularly glaring, when our routine is one of frequent change, moving every few months. Adding the frequent exploring, meeting new people, having new experiences and one would think time would almost stand still for us. 

The scenery was astounding in every direction.

We often marvel at how quickly the time flies, as we say, “when we’re having fun” which we’ve surely had plenty of these past years. It was early in 2012 when we first decided to travel the world in our retirement. It’s hard for us to believe that it’s well into 2015 as we continue on, still so excited and full of hope for the future. 

The colors in this scene took our breath away.

Yes, the time has flown too quickly. But, the memories have been rich, the experiences action-packed, and the planning well into the future filled with anticipation and wonder.

A few days ago, in the background, I heard Tom repeat one of my favorite expressions, “Love the One You’re With,” a popular song from 1970 by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. If you don’t recall the song, click here for the video.

The sea at a distance.

Hearing him use this expression in a conversation with others made me smile as I quickly turned my head back to the person I was listening to. I was smiling over the irony of these simple words, prevalent in our lives in many ways, one in loving each other, letting the past waft away and two, in stopping to live in the moment wherever we may be, essentially, loving the one we’re with.

Another vehicle loaded with friends of Curly’s daughter, Karin were also on a tour of the expansive 2500 acre property.

It is through this appreciation of the moment, that time has the potential to slow down for us giving us the glorious opportunity to savor the moment, the place, and the experience for whatever treasures large and small it may offer for our taking.

A family was on a tour in another vehicle driven by Curly’s daughter Karin. When they exited the off-road vehicle, two toddlers took off running down a steep hill. The mom had to do everything to entice them to come back up the hill when they were having such fun.

As I sit here writing now with 59 days remaining of our time in Hawaii (I use this app to figure that out), I hear the roosters crowing, the birds singing, and see the clouds wafting about the mountaintops. If I step outdoors onto the lanai I can see Hanalei Bay and its aquamarine waters, a color seldom found anywhere else in nature.

Although there were trails such as this on the property we often went off-road to get a better look at the property.

And Tom, at the moment is across the street whale watching as he does several times each day, chatting with his new buddies, shooting the breeze as guys often do, I revel in his few minutes of freedom from me. He’s living in the moment.

A young calf checking out the forest.

Suddenly, the door flies open and he’s standing there with a big smile on his face greeting me with a sense of enthusiasm as if he’d be away for days and once again, I’m reminded, “Love the One You’re With” which he does with vigor each and every day. Then again, I do so as well.

An angry-looking bull stared at us as we drove by.  However, that angry look is nothing more than the structure of these bull’s faces. He’d showed little interest in me when I stepped out of the vehicle to take this photo.

Tonight, we’re out to dinner with new friends for the third time this week with one more social event upcoming with friend Richard on Saturday night.  Hey, Father Time, pay attention to the line from Simon and Garfunkel’s “Feelin’ Groovy,” which states “slow down, you move too fast.” 

Let us savor the moment!

                                             Photo from one year ago today, March 26, 2014:

It was one year ago that Samir and Mohamed took us on a tour of Marrakech to see various points of interest. Of course, seeing this baby camel was a special thrill. For details and more photos from part two of that tour, please click here.

Comments and responses Another week races by…Why does time fly fast when we’re older…Living in the moment…More photos from Princeville Ranch…

  1. liz Reply

    Stunning photos Jess! What beautiful countryside. I agree with you about time. I find the fuller the day, the longer it feels, with a sense of having achieved a lot, compared to doing one thing all day I feel the day races and with only one job done regardless of the enormity of the task!

  2. Jessica Reply

    Liz, I'm always smiling when I see comments from you. You have a magical way of sitting at my laptop with my cup of coffee extra enjoyable.

    Yes, Curly's property was quite a photo paradise. Plus, we had such a great time with him. We love having the opportunity to highlight share details of the lives of people we meet along the way.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words, as always.

    With much affection,
    Jess & Tom

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