A drive up a mountain for a view like none other…Nawi Island…

Nawi Island is being built as a residential location.  Click here for details.

As Ratnesh drove up the bumpy, steep dirt road, the anticipation to see what he had planned for us was exciting. The closer and closer we neared the top of the peak, we knew we were in for a treat.

Pulling close to the edge of the cliff, we jumped out of the car, camera in my hand, ready to check out the overlook of the village and the sea. Little did either of us expect the magnitude of the beauty that lie before us, one of the most exquisite scenes we’ve ever seen. 

No doubt, as we’ve traveled the world these past years we’ve witnessed many postcard quality scenes of mountains, oceans, land, vegetation and wildlife, all treasures bestowed upon us by whatever higher power you may believe (or not). 

The view of Nawi Island was more interesting than we’d expected and we felt fortunate to see it from high above the village.

The beauty of it all can’t simply be happenstance. Random occurrences aren’t necessarily a feast for the eyes.  We ask ourselves, “How did we get so lucky to fall witness to so much of the world’s beauty?” 

Then again, when we lived on a lake in Minnesota, watching a blue heron catch and swallow a large fish or watch a color bursting sunset we were equally in awe. It’s all a matter of perception and one’s desire and ability to revel in the magic surrounding us. 

Need I say we couldn’t stop spewing words of appreciation to Ratnesh for taking us to this spot?  He told us he doesn’t bring all of his customers to this overlook when many are more interested in diving, dining and shopping. He couldn’t stop smiling when he saw the degree of pleasure we both derived from taking in the view.

Note the coral reef near the islands.

In thinking back we wonder how we found this island. Why did we choose the longer stay here in Fiji on this smaller island of Vanua Levu as opposed to the more populated island of Viti Levu? We often feel drawn to a fairly remote location for the lack of traffic, long lines, crime, and commotion. 

Plus, we love the quiet, the privacy and the locals appreciative for visitors to their area, kind in ways we’d never expect or take for granted. So is the case here in the little village of Savusavu, on the smaller island of Vanua Levu.

Smaller islands dot the bay.

With no news on the TV in the background, we’re adapting to the quiet, the continual sounds of roosters, goats, cows, sheep and birds, who’ve yet to partake in any of the sunflower seeds I placed on the railing of the veranda. Memories of “Birdie” in Kauai come to mind, who came to nibble on nuts when I called him, bringing along his female partner feeding her first from his beak.

We look forward to sunny days to enhance these types of views.

Each location offers its own unique memories. The more countries we visit, the more memories flood our brains and, like our luggage we carry them with us, to be reopened for a moment of bliss as we recall something wonderful

And yet, we embrace the moment and that which lies before us, as we did when we stood on the overlook beholding one of the most heart-stopping views we’ve seen to date; an overlook created by nature, unspoiled with but a tinge of humanity’s presence in its wake.

What a view!

The sun has peeked out for bit so I hand washed kitchen towels and hung them on the rope railing on the veranda to dry using peculiar plastic clothespins we’d purchased at the market. In the heavy humidity, we’ll be surprised if they dry by dark.

Yesterday, I cooked three day’s meals.  We’ve found cooking for several days the best option when ants only appear during and after food prep. Reheating in the microwave the next day without additional prep time keeps them under control at least for the two remaining days of leftovers. 

Clouds wafted in but the view remained stunning.
As I write this on the offline Windows Live Writer the power is out again and getting online isn’t an option, I hope before too long, we’ll be back up allowing me to upload it for all of you to see. We expect the wifi and the
power to be out on many occasions during our stay here and have learned to take it in our stride.
Ratnesh is quite a guy!  We feel lucky to have him as our driver! If planning a trip to Savusavu and would like a fair, friendly and knowledgeable driver, he can be reached at 011+679+88+923-1494.

With many more photos to share we’ll be back tomorrow, especially now that the power has returned and wifi has been restored. Sunshine, power, WiFi mind blowing views, and each other. What more could we ask for

Photo from one year ago today, September 16, 2014:

One year ago, the hotel in Boston sent this wine, fruit and cheese plate and bottled water to our room after we’d done a review on our site. We ate the cheese but not the fruit. Totally unexpected, but appreciated. For details, please click here.

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  1. Jessica

    Thank you, dear Staci! They are lovely views and we love sharing them. Today's post is a little sketchy with the bad wifi signal. We did the best we could.

    Are you happy with your new floors after putting everything away? I saw a photo on FB and they looked fabulous.

    Much love,
    Jess & Tom

  2. Jessica

    So happy to hear! There's nothing like some refinishing in your house to make it feel fresh and new. Enjoy!

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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