Water, day 4…The pipes are filling…Keyboard issues…Website glitch resolved…A reader’s suggestion…Blissful rain last night…

Little Daddy comes to call. As a youngster, he certainly knows how to give the “look,” indicating he’s up for some pellets.

Who’s in the garden this morning?

  • 10 warthogs – inc. Little, Tiny, Fred and Ethel, Benny, Henny, Lenny, and Penny, Lonely Girl
  • 6 bushbucks – inc. Thick Neck, Chewy, Bad Leg, Spikey
  • 1 wildebeest – Broken Horn
  • 4 hornbills
  • Frank and The Misses

Ah, relief! The water is now coming into the lines. The reservoir is full, and the water is gradually filling all of the lines throughout the area. There are still many air sounds coming through our pipes, but we should have water by the end of the day. So the first thing we’ll do is to take showers, then turn on the dishwasher and later the washing machine.

This is a Yellow Vested Bul Bul; thanks to friend Linda for advising me on this bird. Sorry for the fuzzy photo.

We didn’t accumulate much laundry since we wore the same clothes, only changing underwear and any odorous tee shirts. So far, all we’ve been able to do is flush the two toilets, which we’ve been flushing a few times a day using the pool water. They flushed, but as yet, we don’t hear the tanks refilling. So we’ll be patient and wait.

Hopefully, by the time we return from grocery shopping in Komatipoort today, we’ll be able to run the dishwasher and the washing machine. It will feel great to shower before we head to bed tonight. It wasn’t as awful as it would have been in our old lives. Then, we probably would have whined and complained to the water company. But, not here. It’s different.

Note Broken Horn’s broken horn on his right. He must have been in an altercation to cause this broken horn.

This morning, we received an email from the dentist in Komati to tell us our 11:00 am cleaning appointments have been moved to two weeks from now. This is because there’s been a resurgence of Covid-19 in Komati, and getting our teeth cleaned right now is not a priority. We totally agree.

I hesitate to go to Komati to shop today, but we are totally out of food. We haven’t shopped in 15 days due to my illness which continues to improve each day. Last night, I barely coughed all night long, resulting in a better night’s rest. However, I was so tired I fell asleep with my spectacles on, and the battery died on my phone, still in my hand. It was a good sign.

Soon, we’ll take a video to share the fantastic sounds that come from these special birds, referred to as the “Go-Away” bird, aka the Grey Lourie.

I don’t know what’s happened, but my keyboard isn’t working correctly. This morning I looked up instructions for resetting my Chromebook’s keyboard so all of the letters will work. It seemed to have worked overall, but there still is a problem with m’s and n’s. So another reset will be necessary before I start working on the corrections this afternoon after returning from shopping and putting everything away.

Now, with the dentist appointment canceled, I have time to finish and upload today’s post before heading to Komati. Speaking of our posts, we had a glitch yesterday, and our site was down for many readers worldwide. We received more messages than we could respond to. So please know, we saw all your messages and appreciate you letting us know. I notified our web people to resolve it promptly, and everything was up and running in a short period.

Lately, Little has visited several times a day, not only for pellets, carrots, and apples but also for leftover seeds from Frank and The Misses, mess on the veranda.

In an email yesterday, a kind reader pointed out that I have been misspelling Ethel’s name. Without giving it a thought, I spelled it Ethyl, like to fuel, not the person. Thank you for your input and correction, Linda. I never take offense to our reader’s suggestions and corrections. But, unfortunately, when writing 365 posts a year, it’s so easy to become oblivious to a repeated spelling error that spell check fails to note.

Last night, after delightful conversation and sundowners with Rita and Gerhard, who left as darkness fell, it rained in buckets. We stood at the veranda door, watching the rain in awe of the power of the storm, the thunder, and the lightning. But, of course, we were thrilled we didn’t lose power or WiFi in the process and ended up having a lovely evening indoors.

We are grateful for the rain that always helps the wildlife, but it would take a lot more to make up for the months of no rain, lacking the green vegetation they can eat. So we’ll continue to feed them consistently.

Have a fantastic day!

Photo from one year ago today, June 2, 2020:

There were no photos posted one year ago today due to a pending hurricane in Mumbai, India, on this date.

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