Day 7…Circumnavigating the Australian continent aboard RC Radiance of the Seas…Is boredom an issue?


Yorkeys Knob under cloudy conditions at Cairns.  Since we’d spent three months at Trinity Beach (to the right in this photo) from June 11 to September 7, 2015 and had seen so much when there, we decided to stay on the ship.

“Sighting on the Ship in Australia”

I’m not sure what it is.

With 26 nights left on this long cruise, we are as happy as clams, loving every minute. Of course, some passengers complain about the food, their cabins, the ship’s facilities, the activities and that this ship is not as classy as other ships.

Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas is a mid-range ship, not high-end, but in no way inferior. The decor is nice having been recently renovated; each area is impeccably clean and well kept; the service is excellent and friendly. We don’t have a complaint in the world.

The gym on the ship.

Our toilet ran into the bathroom floor. We reported it and was repaired promptly. The bathroom sink stopped running. We pointed it out and it was corrected quickly. Not one of these scenarios bothered us. They were repaired while we were outside the cabin, back to find the finished work.

Our expectations, which we have learned to restrain in our journeys, can be very different from the average passenger. Perhaps that is their only vacation. In addition, many passengers do not stay on the ship for the complete 33 nights. Only 600 were mentioned to be on the back-to-back as we are, circumventing the continent.

Another comment we’ve heard from some passengers is they become bored on sea days with nothing to do. There are dozens of activities on board the vessel available at any time of day and night.

The fitness center has everything I prefer to use.

Each day is filled and fulfilling. Over these past days, we’ve evolved into an entirely pleasurable routine, leaving us with little time to spare. Our mornings begin in the dining room for breakfast followed by finding two chairs at Café Latte tudes on the 5th floor overlooking the Centrum.

As we prepare the day’s post, we can hear and see the classes and activities taking place below in the Centrum. During this time, I can go to the fitness center to work out while Tom saves my chair. Once we have finished and uploaded the post of the day, it is usually around midday.

By 12:15 we find our favorite seats in the theatre to watch the movie of the day beginning at 1:00 pm. It’s necessary to get a seat early. We bring our phones and play games while we wait for the movie to begin. 

Tender boat used to transport passenger from the ship to Yorkey’s Knob Marina which we’d visited over a year ago. Many were off to Cairns from there which we’d also thoroughly scoured when living at Trinity Beach.

Surprisingly, we hadn’t seen any of the movies being shown and although some are goofy, we’re still entertained. Tom’s only lost interest in one movie so far, Ghost Busters as mentioned in another post. Yesterday’s movie was Money Monster well worth watching.

After the movie, we head back to our cabin. By then, it’s already 3:00 pm. We lounge, sitting on the bed checking our email, downloading photos, saying hello to family and friends. A few days ago, during this period, we booked the flight to Tasmania for December 3rd and a rental car for the three months we’ll spend on the island.

By 4 pm, we dress for the evening. With my limited wardrobe its always challenging deciding what to wear. Invariably, I’ll pull something together and we’ll leave the cabin feeling we’re as ready as we can be for a fun evening aboard ship.

The ship’s library is often filled with passengers searching for reading material.

Usually before 5 pm we’re situated in the Diamond Club lounge on the 13th deck for free cocktails, appetizers and fabulous chatter with other members.  Before we know it, it’s 7:00 pm and time to wander into the Cascades dining room to get a spot at a “sharing” table for eight or ten. 

The next few hours fly by with the lively and animated table conversation. At times, we may sit next to less lively types, but overall, we find our table mates entertaining and interesting. Many are interested in our lives of world travel often asking us question after question while we pump them for their stories as well. 

By 9:00 pm or so, we head to the Schooner Bar for the piano bar entertainment beginning at 9:30. Within an hour or so, we head to the Centrum where there’s a live band and dancing. We dance, we laugh, we chatter! 

Most likely, we won’t be booking any cruises on this ship since those we may be interested in booking aren’t posted yet. When we book aboard a ship extra perks are provided and our cruise rep at Vacations to Go, Brooklyn, will still get credit for the booking.

Between 11:00 pm and midnight we usually head up to our cabin, hoping for a good night’s sleep. Neither of us has slept more than six hours since boarding the ship almost a week ago.

This is surely due to the fact that we can’t wait to get up to begin yet another pleasurable day.

Thus, we have no time or inclination for boredom. Cruising is especially appealing when we don’t focus on the small annoyances or inconveniences. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our cruise.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, November 6, 2015:

One year ago today Tom was standing outside Kumar’s Hair Salon which generally attracts more men than women. We awaited Tom’s turn while sitting on the bench to the right. For more details, please click here.