Change in plans…Social calendar filling up!…Power outage on 100F, 38C day!…Hot, hot, hot!

Vervet monkeys aren’t as destructive as baboons, which we’ll send on their way
while Tom stands tall while holding up a big stick. 

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

This handsome male bushbuck rested in the yard for quite a while as the sun was setting.  He was still there after dark, as far as we could tell.

Last night, we changed our plans for our anniversary night.  We intended to go to Ngwenya overlooking the Crocodile River for Kruger Park and sunset views. 

As it turned out, a few times during the day, Danie stopped by, once bringing us a bottle of wine. I couldn’t wait to try last night and loved it, and another time, he suggested we go to Ngwenya tonight instead of last night. 

Thursdays at Ngwenya are weighed-by-the-plate buffet, which is a great deal and offers a wide variety of options suitable for my way of eating. Both Louise and Danie eat like we do and have done so for many years.

In the yard, there’s a fenced-in garden intended to protect the vegetation.  Ha!  the monkeys have no trouble crawling inside and making a mess. These vervet monkeys are fun to watch with their playful antics.

Since it was so hot at 100F (38C), it made sense not to have to put on nicer clothes than my braless tank top and baggy Capri jeans, so we decided to dine at “home” rather than head out on a sweltering evening.

Even the little rental car’s AC can’t keep up with its miniature engine and low AC output. Staying in, cooking on the grill, and eating outdoors made a lot of sense to us. Plus, I could sample that bottle of wine Tom chilled in the freezer long before “happy hour.” 

We cooked the two pork chops for Tom with a lamb chop for me, along with a side of mushroom casserole, fresh green beans, and a crispy chilled salad, perfect for the hot and humid evening.

Little did we expect the power would go out just before we sat down to eat at 6:30. Of course, it would. With power limitations in Marloth Park and with many tourists here for spring break (started in some parts of the world), everyone runs their AC on the ultra-hot day.

There was a troop of about 20 vervet monkeys in our yard.

We only use AC when we go to bed. With no screens on the windows, it gets scorching indoors. We don’t use the AC in the central part of the house when it can’t cool enough with the two-story-high ceilings. Plus, we’re in Africa. What did we expect? Cool comfort and ease of living?  Hardly.

After a rash of visitors early in the day, we were content to sit back and relax for dinner. I needed to get an early start on today’s post since we have company this morning, initiated by Danie, bringing us a heart-stopping story we can’t wait to share tomorrow.

Wow!  Will the action-packed adventures and stories ever settle down?  We don’t think so…not in Marloth Park. Our Cozi calendar is smoking with scary and exciting daytime plans on Saturday (you won’t believe what we’re doing!!!) and many upcoming social events.

They move so quickly, and it’s tricky getting good photos.

Also, we have fun social plans for Sunday night with lovely couple Janet and Steve, whom we met at Kathy and Don’s party a few weeks ago and enjoyed great conversation. It is thoughtful of them to invite us!

Also invited to dinner on Sunday are friends Lynne and Mick, who came for dinner last Saturday night at our “house.”  (Kathy and Don are at their other house near Pretoria right now, returning around April 1st with more social events on the horizon). 

This valuable time in Marloth Park is an easy reminder of why we longed to return to this magical place. Sure, it’s hot, sticky, and uncomfortable at times. The mozzies and insects can be downright annoying at times. 

Seldom do they stop playing long enough for a photo.

The dusty unpaved roads bring up allergy symptoms from watery eyes, itching, and runny noses. After all, this is Africa, not Scottsdale, Arizona, or Boca Raton, Florida. 

We can’t jump in the car and head to a modern mall to replace all the swimsuits we accidentally left on one of our last cruises. At the moment, I don’t own a single swimsuit. Tom has one.

There’s a plunge pool here, but we don’t use it. It’s too risky to go without with no swimsuit and too many support staff stopping by each day. After the magnificent pool in Atenas, Costa Rica, we’re kind of spoiled anyway. How could anything compare to that pool? 

These two vervet monkeys were playing in the sideyard.

Living in the dense bush doesn’t allow for most pools to be in the sunlight. Neither of us cares to swim or lounge in an undercover or indoor pool. So no swimming here, but swimming isn’t why we’re here. 

It’s the wildlife, the ambiance of this tucked-away place, and it’s the people who add so much to the charm and magic of this unusual wildlife-rich location.

We dined outdoors by candlelight during the power outage, and when the bugs got too pesky, we wandered into the bedroom with a candle and watched a few shows on my laptop to keep us entertained. By around 11:00 pm, the power came back on, and we were able to get a good night’s sleep. Today’s temps will be comparable to yesterday.

Please watch today’s video to see their playfulness and how easily they fly from tree to tree. 

What can I say? We couldn’t be happier and more fulfilled. Regardless of any minor inconveniences, we couldn’t be enjoying ourselves more. Our daily lives are rich, with each day manifesting into another special day, entrenched in beautiful memories we’ll carry with us forever.

Thank you, dear readers, for sharing it all with us.

Photo from one year ago today, March 8, 2017:

Each night on most cruises, my meals consist of salmon or chicken breast with prawns and a side of spinach and mashed cauliflower. For more cruise food photos, please click here.