We’re in the US!…Kona, Hawaii….Photos to follow…

The veranda in our cabin is great for photos but also relaxing and drying hand-washed clothing.

We’ve been in and out of the US a few times over these past years.  Once in September 2014, when a cruise ended in Boston, we stayed for three days to visit my uncle and cousin.

In 2014/2015 we spent a total of eight months in Hawaii on four islands. On three other occasions, we sailed in and out of Florida.

The coral reef at our last port of call over a week ago.

We haven’t been back to Minnesota since October 2012 or Nevada since December 2012. This morning at 6:00 am our ship anchored out to sea in Kona, Hawaii (the Big Island of Hawaii).

At this point, we’re planning to go ashore in Kona, Hawaii after we upload today’s post. In 2014/2015, we spent six weeks on this island. After having seen so much while there, we aren’t decided yet if we’ll disembark the ship to take photos and walk around.

Passengers checking out the sea for photo ops.

This morning was spent in one of the most painstaking immigration processes we’ve encountered (since our scary illegal immigrant situation in Australia in March) in all these years of travel.

All Americans were instructed to meet in Studio B, where the ice skating rink is located, and wait for our numbers to be called. By the time we arrived at 6:32 am all the seating was occupied leaving us to stand for almost two hours.

Boat in the bay.

Finally, we were able to sit for about 10 minutes while the crowds who’d arrived before us filtered out to meet with immigration. While we were waiting we met a lovely couple who’d been traveling the world, homeless like us for the past 13 months. We were thrilled to meet Sue and Scott.

Immediately, we set up a dinner date for the next sea day when we’ll have an opportunity to share our mutual experiences. We’ll surely “pick their brains’ on some occasions we’ve yet to have and vise versa. We’re looking forward to that evening!

Afternoon island view from the ship.

Finally, our group moved along for the 10 seconds it took for an immigration officer to verify our faces against the photos on our passports. Non-US citizens had a lengthier process which included filling out a complicated two-page document.

By 9 am we made our way to the Windjammer Buffet for a small bite to eat. The main dining room is closed for lunch on “port” days.  Lately, I’ve found I feel better if I eat lunch and then dinner about eight hours later, entirely avoiding breakfast or snacks.

After seven full days at sea, it’s odd to see land, although we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each sea day.

Today, we had no choice but to dine in the Windjammer when it would be a long haul until dinner. Many nights we have dinner with our four friends from Australia who traveled together; Ulla, Ray, Julie and Terry. 

We all have drinks (I drink one cup of peppermint tea) while gabbing incessantly prior to heading to the dining room around 7:00 pm, (served by 8:00 pm) in ample time to make the 9:00 pm show at the Palace Theatre. The past few nights we’ve attended a few shows which proved to be highly entertaining.

Now, close to 11:30 am, we’re seated comfortably in the Diamond Lounge, laptops in hand while busily preparing today’s post.  Every so often, a few passengers stop by to chat slowing down the posting process. But, we don’t mind at all. It’s a joyful part of cruising that definitely adds to the experience.

Have a blissful day!

Photo from one year ago today, May 7, 2016:

This was moving in the river next to our villa in Bali. It must have been some peculiar fish. For more photos, please click here.