1000’s of pills to go?…We’re not kidding!…

We take vitamins. Do they work?  For us, yes.  How do we take them with us?

OK, here’s the deal.  Over the past several months I have shortened the list of vitamins and supplements that we have been taking, continuing to use those that credible scientific research has proven to be important for some people in some cases. That’s us.

Cutting out any questionable supplements (for us), we have been able to narrow down the list to the following.  (Please be aware that we are in no way suggesting that you take any of these supplements.  Please see your doctor for medical advice.  Supplements may interact with your current prescriptions).

1.  Vitamin C 1000 mg, timed released – Due to our low carb, gluten free, sugar and fruit free diet, we found that supplementing with this vital nutrient is important.  We don’t drink juice or eat citrus fruits.  Tom doesn’t like many vegetables containing vitamin C.  This was our solution over the past several years.  No scurvy!
2.  Vitamin K2 100 mcg – Good for building bone.  After two years, taking this supplement, my DEXA scan improved, taking me out of the osteopenia range and back to normal.  I am convinced this supplement was helpful. 
3.  Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg– An antioxidant with many benefits as we age.  
4.  Magnesium 500 mg – Often deficient as we age 
5.  Fish Oil 1200 mg – Tom doesn’t eat fish. Primary used for heart and blood vessels.  As one ages, it appears this may be valuable.
6.  Probiotics 35 billion live cultures – Probiotics can be helpful in boosting one’s immune system and in the prevention of stomach distress while traveling.
7.  Vitamin D3 2000 mg – Tom tends to avoid the benefits of this vital nutrient due to his Irish heritage and light skin.  We have both been supplementing with D3 for some time.
8.  Vitamin B6 50 mg 3 x day – Kidney stone prevention prescribed by urologist.  Seems to be working!
9.  Vitamin B12 100 mcg – Specific to one’s needs.  Worth reading literature.

Do they work?  Are they worth hauling a few year’s supply with us? The topic of supplements is controversial. As we know, the media rattles us with contradictory information; something is good for us, another is not, to later discover they have reversed the advice.  

How are we to know? Check with your physician.  Read the information provided by reputable unbiased medical sites:  Mayo Clinic, National Institutes of Health, CDC and our ability and choice to try what may work for us.

Yesterday, I placed an order for three years of supplements, considering that we also had enough on hand to get us through the next few months.  With free shipping, “buy 2, get 3 free” plus a 10% discount the total $301.51, a chunk at one time but another task out of the way.

Many will ask, “Why don’t you take the minimum with you and buy them abroad?” There are several reasons:

1. Safety – we’ve been buying from this company for years, feeling comfortable that they don’t contain dangerous substances. Supplement sales is a business wrought with illegal activities and ingredients.

2. Convenience – Every few months we’d be scrambling to restock our supply. We want our travels to be as stress free as possible. We won’t be receiving mail and if we did, we’d be paying international shipping costs from our pre-arranged mail service driving up the cost.

3. Peace of mind.

Next time, I will update you on our prescriptions dilemma for which we now
have a solution. Be well.