Settled into the cool and comfort indoors…Easy living, although outrageously hot hot hot weather!….

The white lattice pergola provides shelter from the scorching sun.

We prefer not to stay at anyone’s home. We have our unique routine, which may be annoying and frustrating for those who might invite us along the way in our world travels.

With the utmost of kindness and generosity, many people we’ve met have invited us to stay with them when we travel to their country, but, in each case, we’ve graciously declined.

Chaise lounges we hope to use if the temperature cools down a bit.  Right now, it’s too hot to sit in the sun for our usual short stint.

Whether it’s our constant need for reliable WiFi and the necessity of being online, my restrictive way of eating, or our mutual inability to avoid feeling “in the way,” we continue to decline such invitations.

In the recent case in Minnesota, our three adult children didn’t have room in their homes for us to occupy a bedroom and bath, nor did we feel it would have been prudent to spend six weeks in anyone’s home, regardless of the availability of space.

Comfortable seating with fire pit for cool winter nights in the desert.

The single exception to that is staying with son Richard in Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada, a bachelor with a charming newly remodeled home with a private guest area, pool, and the latest and greatest home technology is doable for us.

When we arrived on Friday, after unpacking and getting settled, we headed to Smith’s Market for some groceries. The idea of cooking was appealing when I hadn’t cooked a meal since April when we were still living in Fairlight, near Sydney, Australia.

Most lots in gated communities in Las Vegas/Henderson are small.  Landscapers and pool designers are creative in making the most of the limited space.

I was shocked by the reasonable prices, which were much lower than in Minnesota based on the few trips I’d made for a few items while we spent the six weeks in Plymouth at the hotel. It was exceptionally reasonable for organic produce, eggs, and dairy.

Here again, in upscale Henderson, we continue in a state of culture shock considering the abundance of literally everything; products in stores, numbers of restaurants, shopping centers, specialty shops, movie theaters, freeways, and gated neighborhoods. 

Outdoor kitchen by the pool.

One need only to conceive of an item they’d like to purchase and can readily look online to find it.  How easily we recall being unable to find shredded cheese, lettuce, celery, mushrooms, parchment paper, coconut oil, and an endless array of non-food items. 

We’ll continue to purchase some necessary items that we’ll collect from our mailing service before we leave in 23 days. Also, while there, I’ll be picking up my “Africa” boots which I’ve kept stored in an oversized mailbox at the mailing service. I’d shipped the boots there a few years ago, hoping we’d return to Africa someday. 

Hot! Hot! Hot!  This photo was taken yesterday of a TV monitor during the weather report.

Now, with only seven months until we return to Africa, I’ll be thrilled to wear once again my ideal-for-the-bush boots I had specially altered before we left the US to ensure a tight fit on the calves and thus avoid insects slipping down into the boot. I still can’t believe how our South African friends walk about in the bush wearing flip flops!

That’s it for today, folks! We’ll be back at you soon!

Photo from one year ago today, July 9, 2016:

The bright red color of this Hoa or ethnic Chinese wedding dress is intended to bring happiness, good luck, and a prosperous future. The Hoa in Vietnam continues to maintain customs from their provinces of origin, mainly in Southern Chine. Many Hoa is involved in trade in urban areas, primarily in Ho Chi Minh City, where we were headed the next day. For more details, please click here.