No word on lava viewing…We’re so near yet so far away…Slowly, coming this way…Scary photo, one year ago today!

The bright sun, the palm fronds and the sea create a gorgeous scene.
A perfect Hibiscus begs for a photo.

This article from the National Park Service explains where lava may be seen from the park, but also explains that the viewing areas aren’t open to the public (at the end of the first paragraph). In this same paragraph, it states there is no lava flow into the ocean at this time.

TJ is the king of videos, rather than taking still photos. He does a great job.

However, the flow continues to flow to Pahoa toward the little shopping mall, we visit almost every other day for one thing or another.  This article describes how it is indeed flowing toward the Pahoa Marketplace. At its current rate of flow, it could reach the shopping area and gas station within a week.

A grass fed cow lounging in his yard.

If that area is taken out, it will surely have an effect on our ability to run to the store, instead making it necessary to make the 35 to 40 minute drive or more (lots of bad traffic due to construction) to shop in Hilo.To make matters worse, it will have a bearing on the access road to Hilo which is already rather daunting.

It appears this road had been an ideal dumping spot for junk vehicles.

There’s a superette about three miles down the road called, “Da Store,” but their prices are at least 30% higher than the Mamala Market in Pahoa Marketplace. We’ve done the bulk of our food shopping in Hilo at the Safeway.

We’re often surprised to find yet another excellent viewing spot along the ocean.

We could worry ourselves into a tither. We decide not to, continuing to enjoy ourselves as a family of six for one more week until the other arrive, only adding to our enjoyment, doing exactly what we all feel like doing with no pressure to constantly be on the go. Nothing is more appealing to us than lounging together in idle conversation, looking out at the sea, searching for “blow holes.”

Tom whistled in an effort to get this horse to pick up his head from grazing in this yard.

Yesterday, TJ, Sarah and the two boys took a long drive on the island on a rainy day. Tom and I stayed behind preferring not to drive long distances in the rain when its impossible for us to properly explore and take photos.  They stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and later Baskin Robbins for a treat.

Its surprising how trees and other vegetation are able to grow in the lava rock.

It was good for them to have the day on their own without worrying about the oldsters. Returning around 5:00 pm, we fired up the grill an make six New York strips steaks (one grass fed for me befitting my no grain way of eating), baked potatoes for five, sweet corn, a huge salad and leftover garlic bread I’d made the previous night.

The waves are generally larger on this island from what we’d seen on the south side of Maui.

Oddly, the microwave died last night when I attempted to heat one more potato and now we have no microwave. I contacted the owner regarding this event, and heard this morning that she’ll replace it over the weekend. The sooner the better. Its hard not to have a microwave with kids around.

We’ve found many uprooted trees from recent storms.

We grilled the six steaks on the smallish Weber managing to get everyone’s cooked exactly as they preferred:  four medium, one medium rare (Tom) and one rare (for me). We all fit comfortably at the big square kitchen table and have enjoyed every meal together.

Striations in the lava from times past.

Tonight, we’ll dine in again, making pork chops on the grill, salad, some variation of potatoes, green beans, and again, bread of some sort which we’ll run to the store to purchase today. Of course, I’ll eat one pork chop, my coleslaw and green bean and be just fine

Everywhere we drive we discover these appealing tree lined roads.

Oddly, it doesn’t bother me to prepare these foods I can’t eat. Although, it does nag at me to see loved ones eating such carb laden foods, high in sugars and starches. I keep my mouth shut and don’t preach. Although, I have made a few comments about how bad soda is for kids (and adults). So, slap me. I’m just a concerned grandma.

The simple beauty of the sea.

The weather is sketchy at best today. Its windy and overcast with only a sliver of blue sky peeking through.  Hopefully, if the sun appears, we’ll head outside or to the tide pools in Kapoho.

Close to home, we ventured down a narrow one car road for some interesting scenery.
There are no sandy beaches on this side of the island of Hawai’i. The islands were created as a result of volcanic activity, its not surprising to see lava rock lining the shore.

May your Saturday be filled with fabulous holiday gatherings and if you don’t celebrate, may you recall, if you’re old enough, “It’s Saturday night!” 

                                            Photo from one year ago today, December 13, 2013:

We found this giant insect in our pool in Marloth Park, one year ago today. Zeff, our house person, fished it out of the pool for this photo. For more photos from that date, please click here.