Lovely Valentine’s dinner at Luna Rossa…

Tom’s rigatoni bolognese, which he said was mediocre and dry without enough sauce.

It was a lovely evening at Luna Rossa. It was a good thing we had a reservation since the Italian restaurant was fully booked. We didn’t have a window seat, which we’d have preferred (I forgot to ask when booking the reservation), but we had a lovely little table for two away from the service areas. I am a real stickler for avoiding tables near a service station or kitchen door for the staff. The commotion detracts from the experience.

Tom had one beer, and I had one glass of Malbec wine, which I liked while we were in Argentina in 2018, where Malbec is produced. For our entrees, Tom ordered a rigatoni beef Bolognese, which he said was mediocre, stating their red sauce was nowhere as tasty as mine, which I make from time to time…a nice compliment on Valentine’s Day.

With only a few dishes on the menu that were suitable for my way of eating, again, I ordered the mussels and clams in a delicious soup-like sauce. It would have been great to soak chunks of delightful Italian bread in that sauce. Instead, I ate it with a spoon, like a soup. I had asked twice for a small spoon but was ignored twice and given a tablespoon.

Neither of us prefers to eat soups, sauces, or desserts with a tablespoon. A teaspoon seems much more appropriate and contributes to savoring the item more slowly than gulping down a tablespoon at a time. After all, there are three teaspoons in one tablespoon. Getting a server to bring a teaspoon to the table always seems challenging.

In any case, we had a good evening. When we returned to our condo, we streamed another episode of The Chosen on Amazon Prime and cntinually enjoy this profound series. We’ll finish the three currently available seasons tonight and look forward to when more seasons are released in the next several months.

My mussels and clams in a tasty broth.

We always prefer to stream series with every season available, but many streaming services dole out their seasons periodically. When the new season returns, we’ll often watch the last episode again in order to catch up. A perfect example of this has been Yellowstone. Many of us loved the first seasons and have waited for them to return. With the recent writer’s strike, future episodes of many series were postponed for as much as a year or two.

Yesterday was my best day of walking since I began again three days ago. I’ve picked up the pace even further and look forward to increasing the pace and distance as time passes. Right now, I am focused on being able to walk further for the upcoming event for my birthday, hosted by Richard on February 21, the day after my birthday. On the actual day of my birthday, with his season tickets for the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey games, there is a game on the 20th, so we are happy to go the following day.

Today, I booked a pedicure appointment for the 21st at a nail salon down the one flight of stairs. Today, Tom will book a haircut appointment for himself, also down the one flight of stairs. He hasn’t had a haircut in two months.

Tonight, I am cooking baby back ribs for Tom with rice and salad while I have my favorite coconut flour pancake, which I love. Often, when I mention recipes we’ve made, I will receive countless email messages from our readers requesting the recipe. We are always happy to share those recipes we find worthwhile.

Otherwise, today will be another low-key day with only some food prep on the horizon and lots of walking in the corridor. I do better walking in the long corridors than using the treadmill. For now, this is working for me.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, February 15, 2014:

This is a Golden Tail Woodpecker, which we were thrilled to spot yesterday afternoon. For more photos, please click here.