Maui countryside photos…

Entrance to a private ranch.

Yesterday afternoon, we jumped into the car and took off. Earlier, we’d noticed a narrow road leading off the highway toward the hills and wanted to check it out.  We weren’t disappointed as shown in photos over the next few days.

I‘m still busy every afternoon working on the revisions on all of our past posts. With over 800 downloaded posts so far, I’ve put a good dent in it, now with only about 300 to go. At this time, I’m trying hard to get done so I’m free of this task when the first of our family members begin to arrive on the Big Island on December 6th.

A bit of blue sky was trying to peek through.

At the rate I’m going, I’ll be done within a few weeks, a week before we leave Maui in plenty of time to pack and get ready for the next move, the big move to the Big Island to be with our family members for the holidays and more.

Need I say, we’re very excited. I must admit I was a little concerned about cooking big meals every night for so many of us. But, everyone has chimed in and will cook as well, reducing the load, leaving us more time for fun time together. Who could ask for more? 

Hills in Maui on a cloudy day.

It looks as if the lava flow has stalled. It could start back up on a dime, but we’re proceeding at this time as if will be OK. Hopefully, we’ll be able to maneuver the roads in and out of the area. If not, we’ll find an alternative. We’re not worried at all.

We contacted both owners of the two houses this morning explaining we are ready to pay the balances for the rentals today. We’re all in.

Even in more remote areas, the scenery is impeded by power lines.

As for now, I’m excited at the prospect of speaking to one of our readers today, Staci from Texas. She’s going to call soon so I can walk her through, step by step, of how to make the low carb, starch, grain and sugar free pizza crust. How fun it will be to speak live to yet another of our readers!

Having had the wonderful opportunity to meet and subsequently stay in touch with Liz of Bristol, UK when we were in London in August, we look forward to speaking to Staci and to later meeting her and her husband in person on an upcoming cruise in Australia in 2016. 

Amid the arid hills, flowers bloom in Hawaii.

We’ve been fortunate to meet many people as a result of this site and always welcome hearing from YOU!!!  Please don’t hesitate to email or comment at the end of any of our posts. You can do so anonymously if you’d like. I used to be a “lurker” and surely appreciate that some readers prefer to remain in the background and yet, may want to share thoughts and ideas. Feel free.

Within a month the whales will return to Hawaii. Believe me, we’ll be posting photos and videos as soon as we capture their presence. Seeing the sea turtles sent us to the moon. I can only imagine our enthusiasm in seeing the whales.

Another view of the ranch entrance.

Today, we’ll spend our usual hour at the pool enjoying the warm sunshine and an occasional splash in the pool.  When we’re situated in the chaise lounges which face the ocean a mere 25 feet from us, our eyes are peeled on the sea in hopes of seeing more wildlife.

Tonight, again we’ll check out the moonlight. I’ve yet to learn to take good photos of the moon but I’m working on it, especially when last night’s haze impeded the view.

We wished we could have driven down the road to see the ranch. Although with no ocean view, the scenery is breathtaking.

For tonight’s dinner, we’re making coconut chicken tenders, roasted vegetables, green beans and salad. We haven’t had this particular meal since we were in Madeira almost three and a half months ago. 

As always, it will be a wonderful day and evening. Gosh, we love this life!

                                         Photo from one year ago today, November 7, 2013:

Tom was doing well in the heat in Kenya. The mosquitos and flies didn’t bother him. Most often, they were too busy dining on me to pay attention to him.  For details from that date, please click here.