Cleveland Clinic update… Fantastic evening with my son Greg and family…

My 17-year-old granddaughter Maisie and I were at the Children’s Theater last night.

While we were on the challenging road trip from California to Minnesota, I received a notice for a few bills for upcoming tests and cardiology appointments in MyChart, which had been set up for me weeks ago without any recent updates.

When I called CC’s billing department, they advised me to ignore the bills since my Medicare and Plan G supplement would cover them 100%. It was a relief to see my new insurance plans doing their job.

When I hung up and looked further into the bills, I noticed the appointment date of August 28, over three months from now. Then I returned to MyChart to see if I was booked for three appointments on said date, starting at 12:45 pm, including tests and consultations.

I sighed in relief, seeing the appointments in place. Little did I know this was how I would be informed about upcoming appointments at the prestigious facility via My Chart rather than a call or email. Nonetheless, I was relieved. How I found out is irrelevant. The fact I have the appointments is of the utmost importance.

You may ask why the appointments are so far out when my Mitral and Tricuspid valves are severely regurgitating. Isn’t this an emergency? They take cases based on when they were requested and how urgent the cases are. I am still walking around and not in the hospital. Many patients are already in hospital, have had heart attacks or strokes, or are bedridden at home. These cases would supersede the urgency of my case.

I will continue to watch for potentially dangerous symptoms, like shortness of breath, swollen legs and ankles, and chest pain, none of which I have right now. Sure, I feel like a walking time bomb, but I can almost function somewhat normally. My biggest issue is my inability to walk since my legs and my arms feel like lead, a sign of poor blood flow to the extremities.

However, I will wait with determination and a positive attitude, making every attempt to live generally over the next three months. Tom is very helpful and supportive, as are family members and friends. No doubt, time will pass quickly while we keep busy with social events and time spent with those we love.

Speaking of “those we love,” last night, at 5:30, Greg and the kids picked me up to go out to dinner at Champs and then off to downtown Minneapolis to the Art Institute’s Children’s Theater, where the musical. “Frog and Toad” was being performed. What a delightful musical! It was full of humor, great singing and dancing, and excellent acting. It couldn’t have been more fun.

My grandkids, as did Greg and his girlfriend Heather, were stuck by my side and joined us at the theater. My 17-year-old granddaughter Maisie, shown in the above photo with me, was a constant joy, as were Madighan and Miles. How lucky I am to have them.

Tom got together with his son TJ and had a great time visiting with him, as always. We both ended up back at the hotel around 9:30 pm, and shortly after, I went to bed for another great night’s sleep. Tom didn’t join me until about 11:30 when I was already sound asleep. Today, I feel good.

At 3:30 today, we’ll be at Billy’s Bar and Grill in Anoka, a 45-minute drive, to meet with his sisters and other family members. Billy’s is a weekly tradition in his family; we will join them all each Friday while we are in Minnesota.

Yes, our lives are up in the air, but somehow, we will make it through.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today. May 10. 2014:

Undercover at the ATM area, where there were multiple machines. For more photos, please click here.