Unwanted Windows 10 update…Big trouble in Paradise…

Today’s late posting and lack of detailed information in captions is a result of today’s poor signal.  It appears we may have these issues resolved.  More on this later.

Decorative clock in the center of a roundabout.

“Sightings on the Beach in Bali”

Shells and debris on the beach.

With the slow WiFi we’ve experienced over these past years of travel we hadn’t considered updating to the free Windows 10 upgrade from our usual Windows 8.1. Many online comments for potential issues have been a huge deterrent.

While living outside the US far from familiar PC repair shops it made no sense to take the risk. Imagine if here in this remote location in Bali if something went wrong with either of our laptops, we’d have quite a challenge on our hands.

Upgrading to Windows 10 could be disastrous, to say the least. Besides, we’ve had few issues since we purchased these two Acer Aspire V touch screen laptops at the end of 2014 when both of our older models bit the dust at about the same time.

Huge statue located in town near the main highway.

We’ve come to accept that every few years we must replace our laptops not only for newer, faster technology but as a result of wear and tear and constant humidity. They aren’t intended for these weather conditions and rough treatment our devices experience while we’re frequently on the move.

This morning, as usual, I booted up my fully charged and still plugged-in laptop while I was getting ready to start the day. At one point, I walked past it sitting on the desk in the bedroom noticing a white box on the screen, choosing to ignore it, not giving it much of a thought.

Elaborate design on building in Negara.

As it turned out, much to my later surprise, it was the Windows 10 upgrade that is soon losing its free status, starting up on its own. This had never happened nor had I solicited this response at any point, always saying “no” to the upgrade when occasionally it popped up.

I guess today was different for some reason and although I didn’t approve the install of the upgrade, it started on its own. This angered me. With the slow connection here, it was an accident waiting to happen. 

Ceremonial spot at the temple.

All I could envision, after reading considerable negative reviews about installing the Windows 10 upgrade is that I wouldn’t be able to post today, find all of our files and photos and that we’d lose all of our 30.7 gigs of downloaded shows we use to entertain us in the evenings.

Luckily, a few days ago, I backed up everything on the pay-for OneDrive cloud and also on our external hard drive. But, the thought of restoring all the downloaded apps I’ve accumulated over these past 18 months and getting to know a new operating system wasn’t anything I was interested in doing while here in Bali.

Old tree supported with bamboo.

Ironically, it was only yesterday, I started researching new laptop models to see of any improved technology over this past year or so that may appeal to our needs. We discussed our plan to replace these two machines when we arrive in the US next year, most likely making a purchase at Costco or elsewhere online.

Ironically, it was only after yesterday’s research that I mentioned to Tom, “There’s no point in upgrading to Windows 10 when we’re content with Windows 8.1, and next year we’ll replace these PCs.” Coincidence.

River bridge at a temple in Negara.

Alas, this morning Windows 10 was jammed down my unsolicited throat and starting downloading of its own volition. Go figure. Why did this happen? What could I, should I, have done to prevent it?  I guess going forward I won’t boot up my computer without it sitting in front of me so I can say “no.” 

At the end of July, the free version will no longer be offered and this will become less of an issue when surely I’d have to come up with a payment method to pay whatever fees MS will be charging. It’s not going to happen.

Hindu décor in the city.

So, once it started loading, I was stuck. It was too risky to try and stop it.  For almost three hours it ran slow and inconsistently attempting to grab at the weak WiFi signal to complete the process.

In the interim, Tom stayed offline although he had numerous tasks of his own to complete. At almost 10:00 am, almost three hours after the download started, several error messages appeared indicating a “system failure” and the inability of Windows 10 to complete the upgrade. Surely, it was a result of the slow Internet connection.

A decorative door at the archway at the temple in Negara.

In addition, on a few occasions, blue screens appeared indicating my computer was experiencing the possibility of a crash due to the failure. I had overseen this process by going in and out of the bedroom where I kept it plugged in hoping to complete the download without incident. 

Outside, it was so hot and humid I knew if there was trouble I needed to be inside in the bedroom in air-conditioned comfort. Possible computer crashes make me hot and sweaty.

School children heading home. Kids attend school six days a week and only have off one month during the summer (on this side of the equator) with many holidays off in between.

Luckily, after the half dozen or so scary blue screen threats and warnings, the system reverted to its former 8.1 version and it appears everything is working properly again at the moment. We’ll see how this transpires throughout the day as I, too, have multiple travel-related tasks to complete, once this is posted.

Tentatively, I forge ahead hopeful for a good outcome. In the meanwhile, the sun is out having burned off some of the hazy humidity, a balmy breeze has picked up and in a few minutes I can head outdoors to enjoy yet another “lazy day in Paradise.” Well, not quite that lazy!

We hope you have a pleasant day as well, lazy or otherwise!

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