An eerie phenomenon captured by night trail cam!!…An apparition?…Cannot be explained!!…

Who’s in the garden this morning?

3 wildebeest

4 warthogs

6 bushbuck

3 kudus

47 mongoose

Last night, when Rita and Gerhard stopped by for sundowners, we showed them this series of photos posted here today. With Gerhard’s tremendous experience in aviation, he, too, had no idea what these photos could be, and they were as shocked as we continue to be.

So far, using the trail cam, we have seen several thousand photos taken at night. We perused others’ trail cam photos in researching extensively online, never seeing anything similar to what we’ve shown here today. There’s no way we can explain it.

Notice the bushbuck looking at “it.”

Please scroll down slowly, in succession, toward the last photo to achieve the full impact of what we’ve seen. The photos were taken by the trail camera on May 14, as indicated by the sequence of the photos. We entered them here as they occurred. We’d be curious if any of our readers have an idea what this could have been. Please comment at the bottom of the page if you have any ideas you’d like to share. You may choose to do so anonymously if preferred.

We hesitated to post this for a few days, wondering if our readers would think we are crazy after staring at wildlife all day and night. But, last night, after Rita and Gerhard left, we decided we’d post them today to see if anyone out there in cyberspace could offer some input.

In reality, we may never know, nor will we ever see this again. Of course, the most fantastic photo taken by the trail cam is the last photo, as shown at the end of this post, of the female bushbuck “looking up” when it appears the apparition or whatever it was, drifted up toward the sky, causing the bushbuck to stretch her neck to see where it was going. Oh, good grief! This is quite unusual.

We don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, nor have we ever encountered anything like this. Both of us are very realistic and practical. This is not some effort on our part to sensationalize what could have been a moth or a puff of humidity in the garden that night.

We’ve seen many photos from the trail cam with moths, butterflies, and insects passing over the camera lens, never leaving such a profound image. Surely, at night, the bushbuck would hardly stretch her neck to such a degree to follow the flight of an insect when insects are all around the day and night. Plus, as mentioned, we’ve seen such images fly across the lens, looking nothing like any of these.

The bush is filled with wonder and mystery. Regardless of how much we observe the wildlife, we’ll never completely understand and appreciate what they experience, what they feel, and their ability, however, limited, to communicate with humans.

Perhaps, we’ll have to let our curiosity wither away in time and, on occasion, refer back to this post in the sheer wonder of the fantastic world around us, some of which we will never be able to explain.

Few captions were added to today’s photos. We’ll let you use your imagination on how you perceive these photos.

This photo astounded us even further.

May your day be filled with wonder and awe.

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