We lost a friend, a reader, an adventurer…May he be remembered with great love…

Glenn and Staci had the opportunity to enjoy traveling together.

In many ways, the friendships we’ve been gifted in our travels have taken on a new meaning. Fancy dinner parties are no longer at their homes or ours. Instead, it’s typical to get together for a barbecue, picnic or dinner and drinks on the town.

The relationships we’ve developed over these years of world travel have morphed into an entirely different context. Our friendships grow in short moments in time; on cruises, at public venues, in small towns, and online.

The online aspect is most surprising to us, but then, marriages and lasting relationships are often built and grown through the magic of the Internet, which had become a common medium for incorporating new people into our lives.

In no way can we diminish the power and significance of this means of making friends. Through social media, including chat sessions, Facebook, blogs, and email, we can easily develop meaningful friendships through the written word.

Without the benefits of the inflection in one’s voice or the expressions on one’s face, somehow, many of us who are comfortable communicating online allow ourselves the privilege of becoming close and connected with those we meet along the way in cyberspace.

Such was the case with our online friends, Staci and Glenn, whom we met a few years ago via our posts. Unfortunately, from a message online and in an email, dear Staci informed us that Glenn passed away a few days ago due to a brain injury.

Ironically, Glenn had sent us a beautiful email on April 13th, which I won’t re-post in its entirety with respect for the privacy of Staci and the family. But today, we will share but a snippet that he shared with us for his love for travel. 

Glenn wrote:

“Years ago, I took off for a year and visited Africa riding hot air balloons over seven countries. I navigated some of the terrifying rapids in the world under Victoria Falls and kayaked the Zambezi River for a month all the way to the Indian Ocean.”

Glenn went on to share his myriad worldwide experiences making valuable suggestions to us for our upcoming return to Africa, which we took seriously as we read that April 13th email. We realized his thoughtful suggestions were meant to enrich our experiences in every way possible. That was who Glenn was.

Now, after he has passed, he’s left the world another legacy, the generous donation of his liver and kidneys that are now ready to be transplanted into as many as three fortunate recipients when a transplant list is often lengthy and unyielding. 

As we continue to travel, we have the “world” with us, enriching us, embracing us, and leaving us with memories that neither time nor place can strip away. Thank you, Glenn, for being a part of those memories. 

May you travel on that river of eternity with the sun on your handsome face, fearless and passionate for the treasures this exquisite planet bestowed upon you and for the treasures you bestowed upon others both in life and in death.

Staci and family, no words can ease your sorrow. But, may your hearts and minds flourish with good memories as you work your way through this sorrowful time. Our thoughts, love, and prayers are with you always.

Photo from one year ago today, April 25, 2016:

No sooner than we stepped off the shuttle bus in Darwin, Australia, we spotted this local zoo staff person promoting the venue to the ship’s passengers while holding this baby croc. Its mouth is wrapped in a rubber band, as shown. For more details, please click here.