New time zone in Vancouver…Posting time changes upcoming…

Like Seattle, it rains a lot in Vancouver. Today is very cloudy. This is the view from our beautiful condo in downtown Vancouver. More photos will follow tomorrow. 

In the past 18 days since leaving London, we’ve had an overall nine hour time change.  I don’t care what other seasoned travelers say, one good night’s sleep doesn’t necessarily fix it.

For most of us, one’s biological clock must gradually adjust to the differences. We’ve been awakening between 4:00 am and 5:00 am and crashing by 11:00 pm. Other than the sleeping issues, we feel fine. 

It hit me this morning that I usually post before most readers in the US and other countries are awake and there we were, available to read first thing each morning. 

Many have written to us explaining that each morning, they grab their cup of coffee or tea and sit down to read the most recent post.

As we continue to work our way west toward Hawaii, we are going to make adjustments to compensate for these time differences.

Thus, this little blurb is all you’ll see today. However, tomorrow morning a new post about our unbelievably wonderful accommodations in Vancouver will be awaiting you and will continue to be available each morning going forward from this point on.

Happy day to all!
                                        Photo from one year ago today, September 18, 2013:

Hans, the owner of the house we rented in Kenya, took us to the construction site where he’s building vacation condos. It was eye-opening for life and work in Africa. For details from that date, please click here.