Last night at the Las Vegas Strip…Dinner and movie…Two days and counting…

Tom, walking toward the Palms entrance, one of the less exciting casinos in Las Vegas located off the Strip near the Rio.

Last night, we joined Richard and friends for one last night at the Las Vegas Strip. Since most likely we won’t have access to English-speaking movies in theatres for some time, we all decided to see the famous war epic, Dunkirk would be a good choice.

Choosing to see it in an IMAX theater may not have been the perfect decision. The sound was ear-splitting, and although we sat a distance from the massive screen, it felt as if we were too close.

We walked through the casino after dinner to the IMAX Theatre to see Dunkirk.

As for the movie itself, I probably liked it the most. Tom’s not a fan of movies that ‘jump around” from one segment to another and this movie, although visually stunning in many ways, did precisely that. 

Nonetheless, Dunkirk was worth seeing and was, for us, most likely, the last movie we’d see in a theatre until we return to the US in 2019 for another visit. With Costa Rica, Argentina, and Africa on the horizon over the next few years, going to movie theatres won’t be on our agenda.

The Sports Book at the Palms.

Of course, we often watch movies on Amazon Prime and those we download using Graboid (monthly payment of $19.99) that we’ve continued to use over these past many years of world travel. By using this app and others, we’re able to see most US and British TV shows and movies.

The IMAX theatre is located in The Palms, a lower-priced resort, hotel, and casino located off the Strip near the Rio. We were disappointed by the dining options available prior to the movie but its didn’t make sense to go to another casino for dinner. As a result, we dined in the casual and somewhat mediocre spot not far from the theatre.

McDonald’s bright lights in the food court.

In any case, we had an enjoyable evening, our last time out and about in Las Vegas. Yesterday, during the day, I visited with my dear sister Susan for most of the day, saying our final emotional and tearful goodbyes.  The many times we spent together over these past 23 days will remain in my heart until I see her again during our next visit to Nevada.

Using Skype, Susan and I speak often, and we never feel quite so far away. Once we’re settled in Costa Rica, I’ll call her, and once again, we’ll catch up as we always have, which means so much to both of us.

The large oval bar was found upon entering the Palms.

Today, we’re staying in, packing a few odds and ends. But tomorrow will be our packing day when we’ll organize, fold and put together our “stuff” before leaving early on Tuesday morning.

Also, today, we’ll make one more round of our favorite pizza. Once we leave the US, it’s never quite the same when we can’t find authentic spicy Italian sausage. We’ve asked in every country we’ve visited, and even in Italy, it wasn’t comparable to the sausage we’ve used in the US. We’ll continue to make our favorite low-carb, grain/starch/sugar-free pizza using whatever sausage we’re able to find.

Tom’s Reuben sandwich with fries.

With only two days remaining until we leave the USA once again, we’re grateful for the quality time we’ve been able to spend with family and friends but, we’re incredibly excited to return to our nomadic lives of world travel. 

Enjoy your Sunday or Monday if you’re on the other side of the International Dateline, where we’d spent almost the last two years before returning to the US.

The bright light from the Luxor Sky Beam with 42.3 billion candelas, as we entered Highway I215 to return to Richard’s home after the evening ended. The light is visible by aircraft from a cruising altitude of 275 miles (443 km).

Photo from one year ago today, July 30, 2016:

Although we were in Phuket one year ago today, we continued to share photos from our Vietnam/Cambodia river cruise. Kong, our tour guide, encouraged kissing in front of the Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House, where the movie, The Lover, was filmed in Sa Dec, Vietnam, in 1992. We had no trouble cooperating!  Please click here for more photos.