Super Bowl Sunday…For now, we’ll pay attention to a Super Bowl…What about YOU?

Suddenly, while driving we stop for such a scene as this.

Based on the fact that the Minnesota Vikings haven’t made it to the Super Bowl since 1977, neither of us (me particularly) hasn’t paid much attention to the game and its festivities.

Not a fan of most sports, other than watching the Olympics on occasional years, the Super Bowl has never been a cause for celebration. Oddly, we have attended some super bowl parties over the years and, had a few of our own.

After a few sandy beaches on the Big Island(most of which consist of black sand and lava rock), it’s great to see all the sandy beaches here in Kauai.

In our old life, we had a football-shaped roasting pan into which I’d bake a chocolate cake, proceeding to decorate it to appear to be a football using skinny red licorice pieces for the laces and other edible odds and ends for the remaining décor.

On top of that, I’d create and shape by hand, a smaller football-shaped cheese ball rolled into chopped walnuts to then again appear to be a football. Of course, we made the usual chips, dips, chicken wings, teriyaki beef skewers, and the like, to ensure we had a well-rounded feast.

Over the years, our interest in conducting such occasions waned and Super Bowl Sunday became another pleasant Sunday without snacks and instead, a usual robust Sunday dinner.

Anini Beach consists of a few miles of easily accessible sandy beaches.

Since leaving the US, we literally paid zero attention to the game, the commercials, and the half-time show, instead, immersed in our lives at the time. In 2013, we were in Belize still in that less than desirable little cottage (for only a few more days when we moved out), and in 2014, we were in South Africa, neither of which cases we provided access to the game on TV, nor did we care.

Although we love beach scenery, we prefer to spend more time poolside as opposed to sitting in the sand. But, this beautiful beach is calling us and soon, we’ll return to park ourselves for a day to enjoy the sun and surf.

Today, it’s a little different. We’re back in the US and based on Hawaii time, the game will be broadcast on TV at 1:30 PM, perhaps over by 6:00 pm, with lingering observations and comments from a variety of TV networks.

Often, along the winding, hilly roads, there are unmarked lookout spots allowing us to stop for photos. We discovered this view on our return from Anini Beach.

At 12:30 today, we’ll be heading over to our new “club,” the Makai Golf Club, for their annual Super Bowl party consisting of “make your own tacos” and sugary Margaritas, neither of which I’ll consume as presented. 

Houses on a hill overlooking the sea.

Perhaps, I’ll be able to fashion some type of taco salad using meat and vegetables. Tom will indulge today when resisting in that environment is simply not his style. He’ll also enjoy my included alcoholic drinks.

Why did we bother to pay the $62.50 (for two) to attend this party based on the above? We decided it would be one more good way to meet people. Although we’ve met many wonderful tourists, they soon depart. 

At high tide, this sandbar will be covered in ocean water. At low tide, as shown here, it creates a pretty scene.

Our thoughtful new friend Richard had graciously included us in many activities, one of which includes the upcoming full moon party this Wednesday. Next Friday, we’ll all go to lunch at the Westin Hotel here in Princeville.

In the interim, we find ourselves meeting many more wonderful people each night when we wander across the road at “happy hour” to whale and sunset watch. Last night, we had a marvelous time with a new couple we met, who coincidentally is from Minnesota but leaving this side of the island in a few days.

Another view of the beach at low tide with a few bathers on the shore.

Yesterday, we had an engaging hour-long conversation with recently widowed Isabel whom we met at the pool, only to discover she lives in the building next door to us. With many common interests, we could have gone on for hours and hope to see her again before she returns to Chicago next Friday.

Thus, our attendance at today’s Super Bowl party at the Makai Club is more about meeting making an effort to meet more locals than eating tacos and watching the game. It’s about adding to our Kauai social life which although not lacking by any means, would definitely be well served with a little bit of beefing up (no pun intended).

A trip to Anini Beach created many photo ops including this boat.  Across the street at the beach park is a boat launch.

We’ll leave the condo by 12:30 or 1:00 pm. I’ll do my workout at the Makai fitness room while Tom takes our pre-arranged seating in the outdoor grill/café at our reserved table closest to the TV.

Zooming in in the “vog” didn’t result in a clear photo.

Surely, we’ll have a great time as we always do. In the worst case, we’ll watch the game, have a pleasant lunch, and enjoy the time together as always.

The Kilauea Lighthouse at a distance.  We’ll do the tour later in the year when the tourist crowds thin out.

What are you doing today? Whatever it may be, Super Bowl or not, we hope you have a perfect Sunday!

                                           Photo from one year ago today, February 1, 2014:

After we were completely moved into Khaya Umdani we were thrilled to see that visitors came to that house as well. After tossing a few pellets this lonely female warthog took her usual position on her knees to pick them up with her vacuum-like mouth. For many photos of Khaya Umdani, please click here.