Updated new newspaper article with our story…Lockdown in India…

The photo of us the newspaper used of our last evening on the Maharajas Express Train journey in early February.

When Unsie Zuege, a journalist with Southwest News Media in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota contacted us over a week ago, requesting an update of our worldwide travels, we decided it would be a good distraction during COVID-19 lockdown in India to once again share our story.

I should mention we are not paid for these stories, but have participated purely for the joy of sharing our lives with readers from all over the area and then, sharing it with all of you here.

Many often ask if we do our posts for some form of remuneration and overall, we do not. We earn very little from our advertisers, but on occasion we may receive special pricing on holiday homes and restaurants when we’ll be writing comprehensive stories about the property and services to appeal to our international audience.

We could head in the direction of writing books and appearing on TV news and talk shows (we’ve had offers) but we aren’t interested in turning our lives into a “job.”

Tom in front of the Taj Mahal.

And, although we spend more than half of each day preparing posts and taking photos (not as much now during lockdown) we’ve never felt as if doing so was a “job” nor have we had to take direction from anyone telling us what to do.

A huge aspect of our joy of this lifestyle is the freedom to do it “our way” rather than some medium pushing us to perform to their liking. And now, as we’re hunkered down in lockdown in Mumbai, India with an opportunity to return to the US via assistance from the US State Department, we continue to do as we choose… Stay in Mumbai until we’re free to travel again.

We appreciate Southwest News Media (SW News Media) including an updated story on us and our peculiar lifestyle, including the fact that we are basically stranded in a hotel in Mumbai until the airport opens and we can leave, hopefully, to head to South Africa.

Me, in front of the Taj Mahal.

However, as we’ve mentioned South Africa’s borders are closed (at this point) until May 31st along with the fact that the airports in India are closed, for an indefinite period at this point.

Following is an introduction written by Unsie to today’s story in SW News Media. Please click this link for the balance of the story which we prepared which is too long to include here.

“From the very first, Tom and Jess Lyman agreed they’d stop traveling the world if either one of them said, “Stop.”
In October 2012, the former Chanhassen residents left their suburban lives behind to wander the world as happy nomads. They sold everything, keeping only what will fit into a few suitcases and an electronics bag. In the last 7-1/2 years, the Lymans have lived on practically every continent in extended-stay home rentals from Morocco, Italy, South Africa to Vietnam, New Zealand, Tasmania, Dubai, England and Ireland. They have even visited the Antarctica.
Life on the road has had its ups and down. In addition to marveling at amazing scenery and immersing themselves into each community they’ve lived in, weeks or months at a time, there’s been episodes of cruise cough, visits to local dentists and doctors, and a few injuries requiring rest and patience. But the major pause in their wandering happened last year, when Jess underwent major heart surgery in South Africa. There were serious complications, but Jess healed, and the pair continued on their way.
That is until now.
Thanks to COVID-19 and the world-wide pandemic, the Lymans are sheltering in Mumbai, India, in a Marriott hotel. Their itinerary for 2020 included India, riding the Maharajas Express and taking an Indian safari. Over the years, the newspaper has kept in touch with the Lymans, following their daily blog detailing observations and daily lives.
They never imagined an international pandemic would bring their life of traveling the world on what is for now an indefinite hold.
The newspaper reached out the Lymans to check on their experience. They responded by email (edited for clarity and length).”

Please see this link for the balance of today’s newspaper srticle which as mentioned above, we prepared which ultimately was a little too long. Unsie shortened and edited for publication. Thank you, Unsie, for sharing our story once again!

Also, here’s the link to the July 14, 2017 SW News Media article. And, here’s the link to their original story, published January 6, 2013.

And thank you, readers/friends, for traveling and “locking down” with us during this unprecedented period in history.

Photo from one year ago today, April 3, 2019:
There was no post one year ago. Here is a photo from April 3, 2018:

We celebrated Easter at friend’s Kathy and Don’s beautiful home in Marloth Park. Tom won a few prizes for winning the trivia game which included this gorgeous giant chocolate Easter egg filled with more chocolate treats (see below). He ate the entire thing! For more photos from that date, please click here.