Day 26…Cruise to South America…A night to remember…An exceptional dining experience aboard ship…

Tom dined on one of these “Lava Crab” dishes I avoided due to the flour content. He described it as outstanding.

Sightings from the Veranda while Cruising”

Stunning view of Ushuaia from the veranda.

As an avid and enthusiastic foodie from both the perspective of a passionate cook and hostess, I’ve had the opportunity to experience many types of cuisine, especially now as we travel the world.

Tom was holding his menu tablet while deciding what to order at the Qsine specialty restaurant while at sea on Celebrity Infinity. Nine Celebrity ships are offering this exceptional dining experience.

Although my restrictive way of eating keeps us from dining out as much as we’d like in our worldwide travels, it doesn’t diminish the desire to partake in exceptional dining opportunities along the way.

From the “Sushi ” choice were these “lollipops.”  Although we didn’t order this option, we reveled in the gorgeous presentation.

Last night’s foray into an outstanding international hours-long epicurean adventure resulted from a night at Celebrity Infinity’s Qsine specialty restaurant neatly tucked away on deck 11 in a fashionable orange, black, and white themed venue wouldn’t imagine from such a color scheme. 

Many items from the “Soup & Souffle” menu were served “tapas” style, small servings such as these two souffles Chef Chantal prepared for me.

Nothing was spared in presenting a divine dining encounter at Qsine; from Chef Chantal’s dedication in ensuring the many food offerings would meticulously adhere to my dietary restrictions; to the dramatic presentation of each of the many unique and varied options; to the service befitting royalty by our attentive and gracious server, Tabby and; Alson who coordinated our reservation with expert ease.

This delicious seafood ceviche from the “Trescviche” option was atop sparkling lighted ice cubes.

Our entire experience was overseen by the restaurant manager, Jowett, who quietly and unobtrusively stopped by on a few suitable occasions adding one more layer of attention to perfection and detail one rarely finds in even the most upscale of dining establishments.

Tom was impressed with the “Lobster Escargot” exquisitely presented with two baked-in-parchment rolls.  Tom wasn’t able to finish his garlic olive oil pull-apart loaf as shown, but he kept it close at hand until the end of the meal, hoping he’d have room to no avail.

Chef Chantal stopped by toward the end of our meal, hoping for the good news she most undoubtedly expected by the finite adjustments she’d made to my varied items.  Her confidence and evident joy in serving her clients with expertise and devotion, from her years of accumulated skills, were readily evidenced by the warm smile on her face.

The “Taco Royale” presentation could easily have been a full meal for me with its make-your-own guacamole and beef taco salad.

Please see this link for Qsine’s world-inspired menu.

As for the food? I find myself at a loss for words describing the degree of creativity required in the expansive and fascinating menu offered on an iPad-type device where one only needs to click to choose their preferred plethora of courses.

This window box type display was a part of the “M Favorites” choice on the menu.

Course after course of exceptionally prepared items was presented at a perfectly timed pace leaving us curious and excited as we anticipated what was next to arrive. As the evening progressed and our satiety level was gradually waning merely from being complete, we had little will to resist the next course, especially when our eyes beheld the next in the sequence.

Although Tom was able to dine on items forbidden in my diet, including starch, sugars, and grains, I never felt denied as I stared in awe of what lies before me; presentation and flavor one can only dream possible. 

Tom’s taste buds were soaring when he began to sample the elaborate “Chinese Martini” option on the menu.

Tom found it irresistible to resist as each course was served.  His picky taste buds partook in many foods he’d previously refused to try finding the flavors and seasonings much to his liking. 

Tom’s delicious basket of “Beignets, Doughnuts, and Fritters.”

We entered the restaurant by 7:10 pm and didn’t leave until 9:30 pm. Dining at Qsine was as much of an entertaining event as it was a dining event. Watching the delighted faces of other diners as they were served the high quality and picturesque cuisine was another source of pleasure during our own experience. 

Tom’s “Surprise Dessert” consisted of a puff pastry wrapped baked apple was equally enticing.

I must admit that next time we book a Celebrity cruise, most certainly, we’ll be checking to see if a Qsine specialty restaurant is “on board,” which, without question, will add another layer of pleasure to our dining prospects while at sea.

With heartfelt consideration, we offer our sincere thanks to all of the staff who made this memorable evening a part of our repertoire of extraordinary experiences in our worldwide travels.

This Rubix cube-type dessert menu was presented at the end of our meal, from which Tom selected “Beignets – Doughnuts – Fritters,” a basket filled with fluffy baked goods. 

Today, our ship is docked in the city of Puerto Madryn, Argentina. After uploading today’s post, we’ll head out for the shuttle bus ride into the town, returning tomorrow with photos of yet another city in our journey.

Happy dining to all of our readers, and thank you for staying in touch with us as we wind down this enriching 30-night South America cruise. 

Photo from one year ago today, December 18, 2016:
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