Photos of our new place…

I’m not sure of the square footage; I imagine it’s a little over 700 square feet…a tiny house.

We are currently living in what is called a “Park Model” in a 55+ RV park in Apache Junction, Arizona. We’d never heard of a “Park Model” until we stayed in 2020 to visit three of Tom’s sisters, Mary Ellen (husband Eugene), Margie, and Colleen, and stayed for a few months.

The dining table has two side extension flaps but only two chairs.

This time, we will only be here for one month. Again, wanting to be near three of his six sisters, we booked only one month since his “Minnesota Snowbirds” will return to Minnesota for the spring and summer. Mary and Eugene leave on April 18, and Margie and Colleen leave the first week of May. We are booked here until May 1. Then, we head to California to see my sister Julie.

The bed is a tight fit in the small bedroom. Making the bed is tricky.

We’d never have chosen a vacation/holiday home in an RV park, nor would we have been interested in living in a “Park Model,” which is basically a mobile home set-up to appear permanent when we usually prefer stand-alone houses and some condos. The limited space is a drawback for us when, without the “L” shaped kitchen, it wouldn’t be much larger than a cruise cabin.

The living room has a loveseat and a recliner.

For one month, we were OK with the limited storage space. More importantly, he spends more time with his family, primarily in their 80s. Tom is the youngest of 11 children, with only seven surviving, including Tom. He’s always been close to his family, and it’s a special time when they get together.

The kitchen is small but functional.

There will be more family get-togethers in Minnesota, including with his adult children, Tammy and TJ, and their children, when we arrive in Minnesota in May, including time with my son Greg and his three children. Family time in the US is always fun and thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. Everyone gets along beautifully, and being together once again is always delightful.

Having this pantry is helpful.

Today’s photos were taken this morning. There appears to be some type of halo in my phone’s camera, and later on, I will figure out how to fix it. You can see by these photos how small the space is, but, like on a cruise ship, we somehow manage to find a space for everything, although it may not appear as tidy and organized as we might be with more spacious living quarters.

The bathroom is so tiny that the floor has no room for the scale.

We were spoiled after spending the past 3½ months in the gorgeous two-bedroom, two-bath condo in Lake Las Vegas. But, like the adaptable travelers that we are, we adjust to our new environment in a matter of a few days.

There was nowhere to store our bags other than this entryway. We’re using the sliding door in the living room for access.

Last night, after dinner, the family stopped by to visit, staying until after 9:00 pm. We’re invited to Mary and Eugene’s lovely and spacious “Park Model” for spaghetti dinner tonight. Since I don’t eat pasta, I’ll bring my dinner, a hearty tuna salad I made yesterday with hard-boiled eggs, celery, onions, and multiple spices to put atop a lettuce salad. We offered to bring a salad for everyone else, but Mary explained that none of them cares for salads. Tom will enjoy having spaghetti.

This old tiny TV monitor doesn’t have an HDMI plug-in. We’re streaming shows using my laptop.

Last night, I got to bed by 11:00 pm, and I didn’t sleep well. According to my Fitbit, I only slept a little over five hours. That will impact me tonight but I will do everything I can to stay awake and alert until my usual bedtime around 11:00 pm. I feel fine this morning and look forward to doing my exercises and continuing to organize a little more of our stuff.

Have a great “humpday,” and be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, April 3, 2014:

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