Part 1, Stonehenge, England…Available tomorrow…

Error correction:  Yesterday’s post stated we were going to Cork, Ireland to the Blarney Castle today, Tuesday, when in fact we went to Stonehenge.  Tomorrow’s post will include Part 1 of Barley Castle in Cork, Ireland.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

At the moment, only minutes before the ship sails to Ireland, I’m awaiting a call from the ship’s tech support.  Apparently, their system is unable to connect to my newer computer due to its “advanced” technology.

As a result, I am unable to complete a post for today’s tour to the amazing Stonehenge.  In moments, our MiFi will lose the signal.

After waiting at guest services desk for a half hour, the rep asked, “Why can’t you use your husband’s computer?”

When it takes me three to four hours to post, I can’t expect Tom to sit there with nothing to do while I use his computer.  Plus, he always does research for the posts I’m writing at the same time.  Its a two person operation.

Thus, there’s no post today other than this notice.  But, we look forward to being in port early tomorrow morning when I can use the MiFi once again, or hopefully, on the ship’s WiFi if my computer connectivity issues have been resolved.

Frustrating to say the least. Tomorrow morning, we’ll post Part 1 of the extraordinary day in Stonehenge and the village of Salisbury in England.  Unbelievable experience!

See you tomorrow with photos!


Photo from one year ago today, September 2, 2013:
There was no photo posted on this date one year ago.  We were experiencing a 34-hour travel day.