Part 2, River Seine Dinner Cruise…Many photos!…A trip to a Paris self serve laundry…

The Assemblee Nationale, the French National Assembly. The interior of many of these buildings are worth seeing by clinking on the links included here.

This is our second Eiffel Tower video taken after the cruise on the River Seine.

As we continue sharing the photos of our night on the dinner cruise on the River Seine on Thursday night, we can’t resist including photos of our trip to a self-serve laundry.

The lighting inside the boat was red LED bulbs that had a huge impact on our photos. Tom’s filet mignon included mashed potatoes which he hadn’t had in a long time.
This was my veal filet.  I don’t usually eat veal. However, in Paris, one must try new things. I was served a delicious plate of less common sautéed vegetables.

During the summer, many restaurants and other businesses close for as long as a month, most likely as a result of the owners needing time off from the constant flow of residents and tourists.

Tom’s dessert #1, a strawberry mousse. The pink appearance is due to the red LED lights on the boat after dark.
Tom’s dessert #2, a layered chocolate torte embellished with a strand of delicious French chocolate.
My lovely dessert, two creamy French pieces of cheese.

Last week on a walk, we went in search of a self-service laundry when the pile of dirty laundry continued to grow. We wear shirts for a few days and jeans for several. It’s the socks and underwear that are worn for one day and I was almost out by Friday. I own two bras and eight panties. Tom has eight briefs. We each have about six pairs of socks. 

The Palais de Justice, the French Palace of Justice.
Another area of the Palais de Justice, the French Palace of Justice.

We found the closest laundromat four blocks away after walking for 15 minutes. Perfect. We’d haul the two big loads in the wheeling duffel bag on Friday.

The scenery along the river was enhanced by the reflection of lights.

Of course, it rained for several days, including Friday, but we decided to head out in the rain anyway. I’ve never been one to use an umbrella although the hotel loaned us one. The wind was so strong it kept flipping inside out. Tom had no interest in attempting to stay underneath the umbrella. You know…his short hair.

Tom’s photos of me are always blurry to some extent. That explains why I take most of the photos.
We were nearing the end of the cruise when I took this outdoor photo of Tom.

Once we arrived at the Laundromat, we discovered it had closed for the remainder of the month a few days earlier. With the rain escalating, we were determined to go back to the hotel with clean laundry. 

The moon peeking out of a cloudy sky, the green lights, the reflections on the water…nice.

Asking a server at a restaurant, she pointed in the direction we should try. Off we went in the rain. Another 12 minutes later we found an open laundromat, figured out the French instructions as to how to operate the machines. An hour and a half later we were out the door with clean clothes.

We loved getting this shot of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

There’s only been one other occasion that we’ve done laundry in a public facility. While on a cruise on the Carnival Liberty beginning April 9, 2013, we were thrilled they had coin-operated washers and dryers, a rare amenity on cruise ships.

For one load, it was EU $4.50, US $6.00.  With one load of whites and dark each, we spent a total of US $20.12, EU $15. 

The cost of washing and drying the two loads was US $20.12, EU $15. One can only imagine what it may cost a family doing their wash when the cost is over US $10, EU $7.50 per load. We usually have 10 loads per week with bedding, towels, and clothes.

Tom with a toothpick in his mouth waiting patiently for the laundry.

This upcoming Friday, one day before we depart Paris to take the Eurostar (train under the English Channel) to London, we’ll do another few loads and be able to pack only clean clothes for the upcoming two weeks, repeating the same process while in London. Having laundry done on cruise ships is outrageously priced as much as US $4 for one underwear item.

 A French laundromat, not so romantic but certainly useful. 

In a funny way, we enjoyed doing the laundry. Mindlessly sitting in the chairs watching our wash, chatting endlessly, the time went quickly. How easily we’re entertained.

Today, we’ll be staying close to the hotel. It’s another rainy day, many restaurants are closed. Taking a day off of walking will be good for my blistered feet. Yesterday, we walked no less than another four miles getting to the Louvre and going through the Louvre which we’ll describe in tomorrow’s post.

Enjoy a lovely Sunday and we’ll see you again tomorrow. 

Photo from one year ago today, August 10, 2013:

Not speaking of word of English, our lovely housekeeper Santina was always brought treats when she came to clean. We used these vegetables from her garden to make Mexican food that night.  For more details of life in Boveglio, Italy, please click here.