Sketchy weather…But, life is good…Two weeks so far on the Big Island…A year ago…Invaders for the day!

There’s never a shortage of visitors sitting in lounge chairs enjoying the views, as shown in the right in this photo.

One expects warm sunny weather in Hawaii. When we booked houses here, being situated on the ocean was a first consideration, secondly, affordable houses on the ocean. Yesterday’s optimism over a sunny day was quickly dashed when shortly after I posted it began to rain with 55 mph trade winds.

The swimming area at Isaac Hale beach which we visited on a sunny day, meeting a delightful woman from Colorado. Kathy was a college professor and moved to the island 13 years ago to lighten the load of stressful life. She seemed happy and fulfilled.

At the time we booked this first three bedroom ocean front house, fairly affordable considering the proximity to the sea, we knew that this side of the island had a propensity for gloomy weather at times. Also, at that point two years ago not all of our family committed to being able to come.

Another view of Isaac Hale Beach.

Since being together as a family was of our utmost concern, we forged ahead when ocean front properties often are booked well in advance especially at the busy holiday season, at that point unsure as to how many would actually be able to join us.

Another vegetation lined narrow road we traveled.

It was a year later that all had decided they’d come, leaving us with the only option of booking another nearby house, with at that point, there was no space for four of us; Tom and I, my sister and eldest son, neither of whom are able to come due to recent health developments.

We visited a lava-covered area marked for hikers at the dead end of long road after leaving Isaac Hale Beach, an approximate 11 mile drive down a narrow road. On Wednesday and Saturday nights, at Uncle Robert’s next door to this  hiking site a farmer’s market type party is held where goods, drinks and food is available at reasonable prices beginning at 5:00 pm. A display was already set up for the evening’s activities with tie-dyed type tee shirts at $45 each, not necessarily a reasonable price. After all, this is Hawaii.

We were faced with a total of 14 of us, with 10 planned for this house and four for the house next door, according to our rental agreement. As the six of us have lived in this three-bedroom house for these past eight days, we’ve come to realize that this house is too small for three families. 

Various stations are set up for hikers wanting to explore the lava laden area.

Thus, with the permission of the owner of the house next door, via an email response last night, the six of us are moving next door this upcoming weekend. She’s agreed that we can add two more, over the original four, at no additional cost. For this we are grateful.

See Tom in the bottom right of this photo?  We were checking out the information for the lava hike, not necessarily interested in doing this.

This benefits all of us in many ways;  it frees up cupboard and refrigerator space that is now packed to the rafters with foods for the six of us which we’ll move next door. It frees up another bedroom which the remaining eight can use as they choose. (We’ll stay out of it). This way everyone will have the room they prefer.

Alternate view of the lava covered hiking area.

Add the fact that the six of us are in a groove that works well, its’ an easy transition. Thus, as the rental agreement allows us to move in on Saturday, Tom and I will move all of our belongings over there first, cleaning up as we go.

I imagine our readers may have become bored with our seemingly endless photos of rocky lava shorelines. But, each one looks unique to us as we wander about the island.

The next day, Sunday, TJ, Sarah and the two boys will pack and move in next door with us. This will allow each family one night on their own, a little break as “roommates” over the three week stint. We’ll all pitch in once they move over and clean this house, leaving it ready for the two families moving in on Sunday and Monday.

It’s a good plan. We’re excited to have had the cooperation of the owner next door allowing us to add two more to our rental agreement giving everyone the much needed space. 

This small house at Isaac Hale Beach has been owned for generations by a Hawaiian family.

We’re disappointed and concerned for our loved ones that are unable to come, but hope to see them both during our four month stint in Kauai, starting one month from today.

Interesting driftwood.

Gee, it looks like the sun is peeking out.  We’d better get our swimsuits on and head to the tide pools before it disappears again.

Happy Monday to all. 

                                         Photo from one year ago today, December 15, 2013:

Early in the morning we wandered outside to the veranda, coffee and laptops in hand.  Within minutes, we were surrounded by baboons.  Their visit taught us a few lessons about how to handle them to prevent future visits. It was an interesting day to say the least.  For details, please click here.