Update on bite…Octomom and her eight piglets…The new King and Queen of Lionspirit…

Seeing these little ones this time of year is a treat.

As it turns out, the bite I suffered on Saturday was a bee sting. We weren’t able to get the stinger out when I got bit, but this morning almost 48 hours later, I felt it when I ran my hand over my red, hot, swollen, and itchy upper arm and easily pulled it out. The reaction was allergic, and I don’t believe it’s infected. Allergic to bees, we carry an EpiPen but fortunately didn’t need to use it.

Every few hours, followed by a fresh application of Calamine lotion, the ice pack seems to be most effective in providing temporary relief. It has improved in the past 48 hours, so I do not need medical care. The past two nights have been tough, and I’ve hardly slept the past two nights. Once Zef or Vusi comes to clean and change the bedding, as they do each Monday, I’ll probably take a nap, if possible.

It’s a gorgeous sunny morning with a temperature of 83F, 28C, humidity at 59%, and a dew point of 67. The high today will be a tolerable 91F, 33C, with humidity dropping throughout the day.

Marigold and her new little bushbuck, Magnolia.

Octomom and her eight piglets have been here for the past two hours. They are lying in the shade; all cuddled up to her and each other. She is such a good mom. It’s a delight to see them each day, knowing they are well-loved and cared for by this conscientious mom. Ah, the miracles of Mother Nature! We can’t ever get enough of these wonders.

Speaking of the wonders bestowed upon us, fortunate enough to be in Marloth Park, Jaco, an Honorary Ranger, posted this incredible story on his Facebook page a few days ago, as shown below with photos (not ours).

(Please remember that English is a second language for South Africans who speak Afrikaans, and there may be some errors in the below notice. We should all be so blessed to speak a second language with such fluency).
Excellent news. The future King and Queen of Lionspruit. This is the young Male lion of Lionspruit. He is about 4 years old. He made himself at home in Lionspruit just after Flaffie’s death. He was roaming and fighting Lionspruit by himself and defending his territory inside. He was in a fight involved about 2 months ago between him and the two big old male lions that we removed from Marloth Park. After that, he was very proud of himself but lucky for him he was on the other side of the fence, and then the other side, if they did go in, he could be minced meat out of him. He’s a happy Chap now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜„
The Queen was roaming in Marloth Park, then Kruger then back in Marloth Park; she’s a professional hunter between houses on the warthogs, one day she killed a warthog in a boma braai area 😳 luckily no visitors were there, so we decided to dart her and put a collar on her just to see her movements and how many lions is with her, and then, later on, move her into Lionspruit to be Queen for the King 🀴 in Lionspruit, but she was thinking quicker then us πŸ˜‰ she moved her self into Lionspruit and make it her home 🏑 πŸ˜‰ she’s a bit older than the King, but nowadays it doesn’t matter about age, maybe in the old days, now Queen πŸ‘Έ and King 🀴 live happily ever after as Queen πŸ‘Έ and King 🀴 in Lionspruit.
The Field Rangers will monitor them and make sure she will stay there and do a take-off of all the injured animals in Marloth Park for a week just to change her mind so that she can stay in Lionspruit because she knows there are easy fast takeaways in Marloth Park and easy to catch them there πŸ˜‰. Lionspruit is still a new environment for her, she doesn’t know it that well πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ‘
Please ask guests and property owners, if you find them, to be RESPECTFUL with them and a SAFE distance from them with your vehicles and not push them, PLEASE. They starting know vehicle’s. If you push them too far, you will never get pleasure from them and will always never see them again; they will hide if they hear a vehicle.
Thank you.”
The new King of Lionspruit. Not our photo.

It will be exciting to hear the lion couple’s roars at night from their location in Lionspruit. As it turns out, in Marloth Park, not counting the separately huge fenced area of Lionspruit, eight lions are roaming among the parklands and bush houses at this time. Lately, they have been spotted in the area of our holiday home. Thus, we avoid walking on the roads and are careful getting in and out of the car, especially at night.

The new Queen of Lionspruit. Not our photo.

We aren’t fearful. But, we are cautious, as everyone should be,Β  knowing these fantastic beasts are roaming free nearby. We are constantly listening for the lions’ low “rumble sounds, ” which are more frequently heard than an actual roar, as one might expect.

That’s it for today, folks. We hope all of our readers/friends are doing well in the New Year.

Photo from one year ago today, January 9, 2022:

After breakfast, Tom was at Royal Kruger Lodge, where we stayed overnight after a pike broke at our house. For more photos, please click here.