Dinner at a local pub with photos…Unusual sunrise…

View (overlooking an umbrella on the veranda) from the second level dining area at the Boathouse Pub and Restaurant.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Falmouth

“Falmouth is home to one of the leading art universities in the UK, but in addition to the creativity the students bring to the town, there are many creative industries located in Falmouth. With a host of shows and exhibitions, Falmouth arguably holds the title for the most creative town in the entirety of the UK!”
On the last several days of the cruise, Tom and I each came down with a cold.  His cold resulted in a terribly runny nose and mine was an outrageous cough.  In an attempt to avoid writing more about medical stuff, I didn’t mention it here.
Tom ordered our drinks at the bar.  I had one glass of red wine while he had a beer.
Of course, I was concerned about the dreadful cough turning into pneumonia which is more likely to be an issue after open-heart surgery.  Fortunately, I never had a fever and after about three days, it started to turn around.

His cold has since almost entirely resolved while my cough continues but is obviously on the mend.  You know how that goes…once it loosens up it feels as if it’s on its way out.
The sitdown bar.  We moved to the dining room located on the other side of the wall for our meal.
Once we arrived in Falmouth I purchased several packs of Halls sugar-free cough drops.  For the first time ever, I found the cough drops really helped.  This morning I ran out.  I don’t cough that often but when I do, it’s loud and annoying.  Otherwise, I feel blissfully fine.

With the parking situation here, Tom didn’t care to drive to the pharmacy to purchase more cough drops. Nor did I ask him to do so.  He’d driven around the block for 40  minutes a few days ago looking for a spot and didn’t want to deal with that again.  
My “Sunday Roast” with lamb, cooked cabbage, mashed pumpkin, carrots, green beans, and peas.  I traded my starchy vegetables for Tom’s cabbage.
I can’t stress how problematic it is to find a parking space in this area.  When finally finding a spot, its often blocks away from the property requiring a strenuous walk up and down endless steep hills.  It’s not pleasant, to say the least.

This morning he insisted on walking to the pharmacy without me.  I wanted to join him but he felt I wasn’t quite ready for that long a walk up and down these hills.  I pleaded with him not to go since I didn’t need the cough drops.  I’d be fine without them.  He wouldn’t listen.
Tom’s Sunday Roast with beef, oven-roasted potatoes, cabbage, carrots, mashed pumpkin, and Yorkshire pudding.  The potatoes were his favorite.
He took off on foot to the pharmacy, a hilly walk about 10 minutes each way.  There was nothing I could say or do to keep him from going or in letting me join him.  Keeping in mind that Tom is not an exercise-kind-of-guy who prefers not to walk long distances, I knew this wasn’t his idea of a good experience.

However, he recently returned with four packs of sugar-free cough drops and a little brown bag containing two donuts; one filled with cream and the other with jelly.  That’s my guy, always making lemonade out of lemons.

Of course, it’s killing me watching him eat the donuts.  In my old life (eight years ago) an occasional donut would be a favorite treat.  I began eating this way in August 2011 but seldom consumed processed sugary foods prior to this date.  
Sunrise this morning when Tom was up shortly after 5 am.
Now, all these years later, I haven’t so much as a taste of sugar, starch, grains or carb-laden foods.  At times, I’ve thought, “a lot of good that did me” but the heart doctors explained I would never have survived if I hadn’t been so conscientious about diet, exercise, and health my entire life.  So it continues.
Speaking of food, last night we went out to dinner at the prior mentioned Boathouse, a short hilly walk from here.  We’d made a 6 pm reservation, arriving around 5 pm for happy hour.

The food was fresh, hot and overall good but nothing compared to the Sunday Roast we’d had at the Andover Arms in London while we stayed in South Kensington for two weeks in 2014.  It was one of those memorable meals we’ll never forget.
Upon taking this sunrise shot, Tom noticed what appeared to be a duck in the cloud formation.
Last night’s dinner was good but not necessarily noteworthy. We’d preordered my dish as gluten-free and starch free but when the meal was first served Tom’s plate was both gluten and starch-free.  The server returned both plates to the kitchen and started over.  

There were still many items on my plate that I’d specifically stated I needed to avoid including sugary carrots and starchy peas.  I passed my carrots to Tom and pushed my peas around the plate.  I love peas and it was difficult to avoid eating them.

It was disappointing that the indoor part of the restaurant doesn’t have a bar with barstools, allowing guests to mingle.  There is a bar but it’s used for handing over beverages to guests and servers, not for socializing.  The main bar is outdoors on the veranda but it was too cool and windy to comfortably sit outdoors.
Zooming in, he could more clearly define the shape of the duck in the clouds.
By 7:30 pm we were back at the house spending a pleasant evening streaming a few favorite shows, me, sipping tea and Tom, his ice tea.  It was a good evening, as usual.

Today will be a low key day.  I have some “paperwork” to handle and two separate meals to prep.  Tom will have bunless bacon cheeseburgers with a side of rice while I have crabmeat salad stuffed into two halves of a small avocado with veggies on the side. 

May your Monday be filled with good food and wonderful surprises!
Photo from one year ago today, September 2, 2018:
A pair of laughing doves, commonly seen in the parks and in our garden.  For more details, please click here.