Facebook…Photo editing…How much do we do?…A year ago, a favorite video posted below…

A drive into the hills offers appealing scenery.

This morning, Tom sent me a video that he received in an email which I promptly posted on Facebook. After posting it, I thought I’d share it here with our readers. Please click on this link to see this amazing video:


Nothing like a clear sunny morning in Madeira.

Speaking of Facebook, please feel free to friend me on Facebook, if you are a user and would like to see some photos that we may not post here. Also, we’d love to see the photos that our readers post on Facebook. 

You can find me on Facebook by searching my name as follows: “Jessica Lyman, Campanario, Madeira, Portugal.” (Each time we move I update our location on Facebook. If you send a friend request I will accept it promptly.

When we smelled smoke, we ran to the veranda and found a neighboring garden burning.

Mostly, I post photos from our travels. I don’t post political views or negative comments, that I prefer not to see. Overall, for me, Facebook is a happy place. 

Occasionally, I may re-post comments about dangerous products and chemicals in the environment. Other than that, my Facebook page is cheerful. I post a lot of wildlife, scenery, and vegetation photos.

The smoke billowed all over the neighborhood and soon the fire went out.

Recently I joined two Facebook photo groups: Flower Photography-Just for Fun and Weekly Photo Challenge.  You are free to join these also. Many of the photographers do some fancy editing and/or have professional skills but simple everyday photos, such as ours, are certainly worthy of posting. Expert skills are not required.

With little time to edit photos or interest in fancy editing, I simply submit my raw photos exactly as I’ve taken them. The exception is that on occasion I may use an app, INPAINT, for which I paid US $20, EU $14.68. 

The owner and architect of our house, Carlos, lives next door with his family. I took this photo from the door in my bathroom into their backyard.

I use the INPAINT app to remove the smudge on my lens that only appears in some photos in the sky or the background. (Friends and readers, Bob and Vikki, sent us the link to the app, illustrating how suggestions from our readers are welcomed and appreciated).

Plus, on a few occasions I’ve used INPAINT to remove utility lines. Here in Madeira, utility lines are everywhere.  How else would they get the huge quality of services to property owners in these mountains?

Wow! The flowers will soon be gone but for now, I’m still searching for shots.

In many cases, I’ve looked at Facebook friend’s beautifully enhanced flower photos and feel a tinge of interest in learning these skills. Alas, I already spend half of each day posting here and the other half looking for photo ops in order to post here. 

I have little interest in spending more time on my computer than I have to, especially now that we’re on a mission to find places to live in the South Pacific in 2015, a daunting task with the high prices in Australia.

I found this rose in a neighbor’s yard.  Not wanting to disturb the neighbor’s garden I shot this without moving the vine in front of what appears to be an almost perfect rose.

Once we arrive on US soil or if we’re lucky at a duty-free shop in our upcoming travels, we’ll be purchasing a new camera. This camera has taken over 10,000 photos in its one year life under some tough weather conditions and is actually wearing out as well as having the spot on the lens.

As for the beautiful skilled photos posted on Facebook, I enjoy seeing them almost as much as if I took them myself. There’s so much beauty in the world to share and through amazing technology and the commitment of others, we are gifted with the opportunity to see what others have been fortunate to see through the eyes of their lenses.

This flower shot was taken when we drove past Gina’s aunt’s home when we drove up the mountain a few days ago.

I must admit that I do repost some of my own favorite photos. Each time I do, new FB friends “like” them who may have missed them in the past. I try not to be redundant but there are some favorites that make me smile and laugh giving me a rush from the memory. It is this “rush” that’s my drug of choice. 

Ah, would that such a rush could fill the hearts of those with sorrow and angst. That is why the power of everlasting photos means so much as we age. We find great comfort in seeing the faces of those we’ve lost, remembering their love.

Can you spot the smudge from our camera lens in the upper left quarter of this photo?

Also, the photos we see on Facebook of our grandchildren, our kids, and their significant others, their pets, and our friends give us a glimpse of their lives which is rewarding and precious. Good grief, they certainly get a huge dose of our lives through this site and Facebook!

Many people are opposed to using Facebook. I understand this. For some, it may end up taking too much time.  On most days, I spend no more than 30 minutes excitedly checking out photos and videos from family, friends, and FB friends old and new. I suppose with us being far from those we love certainly contributes to our interest in it. What an easy way to stay in touch.

Overlooking rooftops from high above our area. Clothes dryers are unheard of in Madeira with the temperature climate. 

For personal matters, we either private message or chat on FB, Skype, or email, all of which are free and easy to do. The power of the Internet has made our travels possible. 

I doubt that we’d have been able to travel for so long 40 years ago without having the tools at our fingertips to aid us in planning and communication. Also, not staying in hotels more than necessary has made our travels affordable.

An interesting cloud cover at dusk.

That’s it for today, dear readers. Can I thank you all, one more time, for reading our daily posts?  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We never feel alone with all of you at our side.  

In essence, you are traveling with us, seeing the world through our eyes, through the lens of our camera, through our words. Knowing this gives us both the “rush” of sheer joy in knowing others share in this journey with us. Obrigado! 

Photo and video from one year ago, June 20, 2013:

View from the veranda of the 300-year-old vacation rental in Boveglio, Tuscany, Italy. The bell tower in the church rang to the most beautiful sounds as indicated in this video below. For details from the story and more photos of this date, please click here.
This is the video of the church bells ringing in Boveglio, Italy, sounds from another area that we loved hearing. This was the first video I posted which clearly illustrates my lack of expertise.