Sunday Morning…A favorite ritual…

Camel teeth when we visited camels in Morocco in 2014. It looks as if he could use braces!

Today, I am doing the post on my phone. Tom loves watching CBS Sunday Morning on Sunday mornings rather than later in the day. It’s slow typing for me using my phone, but with one eye on the show, while it’s streaming from CBS’s site, it’s no big deal.

While in other countries, with our minds a long way from the US, we rarely watch the show. Also, we don’t always have a conveniently located TV on which to watch.

In South Africa, our primary source of entertainment is the wildlife in the garden, and watching a US news program is hardly a priority. We spend most days and evenings cherishing our surroundings and time with our many friends in Marloth Park.

However, we do what other Americans do in the US, living our lives accordingly as we adapt to our surroundings.

This extended stay in the US was prompted by the need to sign up for Medicare Part B and a supplement, which required enrolling from here with documents requiring snail mail. From afar, it would have been more time-consuming and challenging.

Secondly, we both required medical appointments, and by the end of this month, we will have accomplished these goals. My cardiology appointment is this Tuesday, with tests a week later. Hopefully, I will have the answers I need before too long. I would have preferred only one appointment, but they insisted it be two, most likely to make more money from Medicare.

On top of these goals, we will have been available for important family events, including grandson Vincent’s high school graduation and Tom’s sister Beth’s 70th anniversary as a nun in June. The exact dates of these events are uncertain at this time. Once we know, we can book our flights to South Africa.

We booked our rent for Marloth Park to Begin June 15, but we may be a few days late. We didn’t know about Sister Beth’s event until last week. It will all work out for us to attend both events.

Today, we’ll stay in, working on financial tasks and preparing a nice dinner: leftovers of rare roast beef, mushrooms, carrots, and rice for Tom and grilled fish with broccoli for me, with salad for both of us.

I am walking again along with my Better Me exercise program,  heading into day eight today. Working out for 40 to 60 minutes daily is a huge commitment, but I am there 100%. The results and the satisfaction when I am done for the day are worth it all.

“See” you again tomorrow. Have a fantastic Sunday!

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, March 3, 2014

The Souk in the Medina in Marrakesh is a wealth of colorful displays. We’d expected the salespeople to be more aggressive than they were, especially when we were not stopping to look at the merchandise. For more photos, please click here.