Up and running again…Fun lunch in the RV park with a memory from childhood..

Yesterday, we stood in front of the Weinermobile for this shot taken by another participant.    

Last night, I left Margie’s home and the buck euchre card game we were playing (Colleen took my spot) to return to our rental. Margie insisted we use her car while here, which Tom used to drive me back. I was anxious to continue working on my laptop issues, knowing I would post today. Sorry for yesterday’s missed post.

We both chuckled when we spotted the Weinermobile.

As it turned out, the cursor wasn’t working after many efforts to fix it, and the lighted keyboard stopped working. Finally, I restored the laptop to factory settings after saving all my files on a portable hard drive. But then I had to start all over to reinstall all my apps and files, which took hours.

By 11:00 pm, I had everything up and running again with most of the apps reinstalled. Later today, I will continue to work on the apps I’ve yet to install and should be done with the process by early afternoon. I’d spent at least an hour on the phone with Acer technical support, but they couldn’t resolve the issues. Frustrated, I left it alone and was anxious to get back to it last night.

Tom didn’t return from playing cards at Margie’s until 3:00 am. There’s no way I would have lasted that long. I slept poorly when I finally went to bed since Tom wasn’t there. When he returned, he fell asleep immediately, and I did the same. I was glad he could spend quality time with his family. We both look forward to playing cards with them again soon.

Yesterday, there was a fun activity in the park, the arrival of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile for free hotdogs starting at 11:30 am. Let’s face it, people love free food, so there were over 200 standing in the queue and dining at the many tables and chairs in this popular area of Robert’s Resort.

Neither of us had seen the Weinermobile since we were kids, and it was fun to see it again. I stood in line with Tom to get an extra hotdog for him with his favorite topping when I wouldn’t eat a hotdog with or without a bun. He enjoyed them, as did the family, and we had a lovely time sitting outdoors on a nice 80-degree day.

Excuse my finger in front of the lens. Hotdogs were set on a table as they were prepared on a portable grill.

Here are some fun facts about the Weinermobile:


Oscar Mayer will pay you $35,600 to get behind the wheel of the iconic Wienermobile—here’s how to apply…

Oscar Mayer is looking for someone who would relish the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of America’s most iconic vehicles.

Tom entered the Weinermobile for these photos. Cute, eh?

The processed meat giant has launched a nationwide search for its next crew of Hotdoggers — paid spokespeople who drive the brand’s famous hot dog-shaped Wienermobiles around the country.

The company is hiring 12 drivers to get behind the wheel of the 27-foot-long vehicle, which is equivalent in length to 54 wieners laid end to end.

The Hotdoggers’ main responsibility is to represent Oscar Mayer daily as they drive the 87-year-old Wienermobile around America between June 2024 and June 2025.

“It’s like they’re running a PR firm on wheels,” says Ed Roland, who runs the Wienermobile program. “They’re key content contributors to all of our social media channels. It’s some of the highest performing content for all of [parent company] Kraft Heinz.”

Oscar Mayer has a fleet of six Wienermobiles. Hotdoggers will travel in pairs and be expected to host over 200 pop-up events over the course of the year. They will be responsible for “pitching and appearing on local television, radio or newspaper media,” according to the job listing.

There were more seats than we expected inside the Weinermobile.

If you want the gig, be ready to present your driving record. The average driver travels 20,000 miles each year, Oscar Mayer says, visiting at least 40 cities.

“It’s a lot like an RV,” Roland says. ”[Applicants] do not need a CDL or any special driver’s license.”

The role will require Hotdoggers to work on major holidays and spend the majority of their year away from home.

The listing says that the one-year assignment will pay a base salary of $35,600, with an additional weekly allowance of $150 for meals and personal travel. Hotdoggers will receive health benefits and 18 days of paid time off, and their hotel expenses will be covered.

In a typical year, the Wienermobile program receives between 1,000 and 1,500 applications for the 12 open slots but has gotten as many as 7,000 in a single year.

Tom was handed a Weinermobile whistle.

Oscar Mayer will accept applications through the end of January and says that bilingual candidates, in particular, are encouraged to apply.

You can apply for the role here.”

This might be a fun experience for retirees who want to supplement their income, although the pay isn’t much, and see the US at the same time. However, it was quite a task to set everything up to cook the hotdogs, prepare the toppings at every stop, and clean up after the event ended, only to get back on the road again to the following location.

Enjoy our Weinermobile photos, which bring back memories from our youth.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, April 5, 2014:

A close look at the pastry cart. Tom wasn’t interested in any of these treats. If I could eat them, I’d go for any of them. For more photos, please click here.