Sad news from Marloth Park…The impact of power outages…

Red hibiscus are commonly found in this area.

Louise wrote to me yesterday to share the sad news of the loss of Nyala Nina, Norman’s partner, and Noah and Natalie’s mother, had her baby a few weeks ago. Sadly, the little one, a female, had an injured leg within a few days of her birth. Dr. Peet darted her, but the injury was so intense she had to be euthanized. This news saddened everyone in Marloth Park, as we are now. The gestation period for a nyala is 220 days. It will be a long time until she has another offspring.

On another note: The power was out for two hours. Maria, our weekly cleaner, is here, and the bedding is stuck in the washer, unable to complete the cycle due to the outage. There is no way it will be done before she leaves around 11. Making the bed is a challenge since the bed is so low and close to the floor. There are other sheets, but today, we decided to wash the mattress cover since it smelled dusty and moldy. So we must wait to remake the bed when the bedding is done.

Bougainvillea in the front garden of the holiday home.

Being located on the ocean, all fabrics have that musty smell. In a way, it makes us rethink choosing holiday homes situated on the ocean. The humidity is palpable. Everything feels wet, even our clean clothes, when we put them on. The question is…will we wash and dry everything before we go or wait and see where we go next and do it there?

In the next 30 days, we will know where we are going from here. Flying out of here is tricky. Manta, the closest city, doesn’t have many options. We don’t want to fly back to Quito, and the next biggest airport is Guayaquil, a three-hour drive from here. Plus, we have to figure out where we’ll be able to drop off the final rental car.

Pink bougainvillea n the front garden.

Time will tell. At this point, we continue to research our options, but now, with the power outages, the time to do so is limited. I still spend several hours posting each day, and with limited cooking supplies, it seems to take longer to prepare meals.

Also, now that I have increased my daily indoor “stepping/walking,” every 15 minutes, that takes up a considerable amount of time each day. I have found it easier to walk every 15 minutes rather than attempt to get it done in one or two fell swoops. My legs aren’t ready for that yet. It may take several weeks before I can walk a longer distance over an extended period.

This is where we have to drop off the garbage. Recycling is not done here.

We are looking forward to going out for dinner tomorrow night. I translated the menu and found one more item I can eat: chicken kabobs. I don’t know how they are made or the sauces used, but I will figure something out. Otherwise, there were no other options besides the plain, dry hamburger patties I had last week.

The lot next door is for sale. We have no idea as to the asking price.

It’s still morning here, and the day is young. We have plenty to do to keep us busy, making the days fly by in a blur. Two months from now, we will be on our way to the yet-to-be-determined location.

Two birds on the beach.

Of course, we will report back as soon as we know more. Oddly, we aren’t worried about this, knowing full well that we will figure something out that works for us. Since the pandemic, we don’t plan as far ahead as we used to years ago. With the ongoing possibility of lock-downs in some locations, we aren’t willing to risk losing more money.

Maria managed to get the bedding on the bed before she left and, once again, did a fantastic job. We certainly appreciate having a weekly cleaner, making our days easier, and spending less time washing floors and dusting.

Today will be a quiet day. With the power back on, hopefully, for the remainder of the day, we can continue with research while every 15 minutes, I start walking again.

Be well.

Photos from ten years ago today, November 7, 2013:

In Diani Beach, Kenya…hand washing our underwear and placing it in the kitchen window seems to dry it more quickly than hanging it anywhere else inside. I no longer use the clothesline. The last time I walked out back to hang a few items in the tall grass, I was stung on my thigh, resulting in a very painful huge welt that eventually turned into a huge black bruise, lasting for weeks. For more photos, please click here.