Football days are upon us…New recipe…easy or time consuming…

This was a European roller we spotted in the bush described as follows: The European roller is a long-distance migrant, wintering in Africa south of the Sahara in two distinct regions, from Senegal east to Cameroon and from Ethiopia.

Gee… There are a lot of football games we can watch while Tom is streaming them from DAZN (formerly NFL Game Pass). Based on his subscription to this service, the commercials are gone if he waits three hours or more after the game ends. But, if we wait too long, we may see any particular results, and we both (Tom particularly) don’t like to know the final score ahead of time.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid seeing the results of games when there are many mentions of results all over the internet. Tom, who enjoys Facebook, can’t avoid seeing the results and comments from avid football fans. Coincidentally, the Super Bowl is being held in Las Vegas this year. No, we won’t buy the pricey tickets, especially since our favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, won’t play. They haven’t played in the Super Bowl except as mentioned below:

“Minnesota Vikings is an American professional football team founded in 1961 and based in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, that plays in the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL). The Vikings have appeared in four Super Bowls (1970, 1974, 1975, and 1977), losing each time.”

We both have other teams we like. I am a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs (Missouri) since I love watching Patrick Mahomes, and this year, Tom favors the Green Bay Packers (Wisconsin) and the Detroit Lions (Michigan). As for the other NFL  games, I seldom pay much attention. Instead, while he’s watching on my laptop with the HDMI cord plugged in, I play games on my phone or read news and other articles.

Once I upload the post each day, I seldom use my laptop other than when we’re researching future locations to travel. Thus, I don’t mind him using my laptop to stream the games to the TV. His laptop is a Chromebook with no HDMI outlet, and although we purchased an HDMI adapter a while ago, it isn’t working on his device. Thus, we use my Windows 11 laptop with a built-in HDMI port.

I had a late start on today’s post when I decided to make beef enchiladas for dinner for the next few nights. After considerable research online for keto tortillas, I found none that didn’t use wheat, starch, or bad oils. I checked through every keto tortilla on Amazon and at local markets. Nothing meets my criteria except the brand Egg Life. When we were in Florida many moons ago, I tried those, and they were awful, tasteless, and quickly fell apart.

Instead, this morning, I began making homemaker keto tortillas using this recipe I found online here. One wouldn’t want to tackle this recipe if they weren’t prepared to spend about an hour making a dozen of these in the kitchen. But the result is fantastic. Putting the ingredients together is easy; it’s rolling the 12 pieces of dough (I doubled the recipe and adjusted it to make 12 tortillas) and cooking them in a non-stick skillet for four minutes each (two minutes each side).

To my surprise, I enjoyed making these and will do so again. As for the enchilada recipe, I bought two large cans of enchilada sauce and cooked and drained three pounds of grass-fed ground beef. I added chopped onion, seasonings, and fresh garlic to the pan. Tom helped me cook and drain the meat, which needed to be broken into small pieces, not big chunks.

Once I am done here soon, I’ll go back into the kitchen and put the enchiladas together. I’ll add half of the sauce to the meat and add lots of shredded cheddar cheese, wrapping each tortilla in ¾ of the meat. Then, I’ll line the huge, lightly greased pans (using avocado oil) with the wrapped tortillas, adding more sauce, meat, and cheese. I’ll cook this for about 30 minutes at 350F until the top is bubbly and smells fantastic.

With this meal, we’ll have a big salad. It should be a delightful dinner. I used to make this dish with chicken or beef in our old lives, but I hadn’t made it in over 12 years, since before I changed my way of eating when I could use store-bought tortillas. It will be interesting to see if it tastes as good with the keto/low-carb homemade tortillas. I’ll take a photo tonight and let you know tomorrow.

If you can eat regular store-bought tortillas, this is a fantastic recipe for the family or entertaining. This recipe can easily be put together in 30 minutes without the lengthy process of making the tortillas.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, January 15, 2014:

No photos were posted today due to a poor WiFi signal while we were in the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa.