Rushing through today’s post…Much to do…

Ancient buildings, as seen from the rooftop of a restaurant in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 2014.

Today is the day to set up Tom’s new device. I’ll start the process as soon as I finish today’s post. Since his old laptop is a Chromebook with everything on the drive, it will be easy to do but will require some time with all the apps he uses, which I’ll have to add one at a time. With his new device, he will be returning to using Windows, which we both prefer.

We wanted to watch the Masters Golf Tournament, ending today, but we would have had to sign up for Showtime. on the Roku TV, a service we aren’t interested in paying $11.95 a month as an add-on to Paramount+, which we already have. We’ve already used all the 7-day free trials they allow, and at this late point in the golf tournament, it’s not worth committing to another streaming service.

Also, we were curious to see if Tiger Woods had a chance, but we’ve heard his chances are non-existent at this point. I feel bad for him after his injury, which resulted in him struggling to maintain his standings in tournaments. But the guy amazes us with his determination to continue. Tom suggested he’s being paid substantial sums to play, although he’s not likely to win when he draws such huge crowds, which may be the case.

Speaking of sports, which I apologize for mentioning since it has nothing to do with world travel, except for the fact that we encounter enthusiasm in most countries over soccer, rugby, football, tennis, and more, especially in South Africa, where most of the population are major sports fans. It’s fun to see their excitement over games and playoffs.

While we’re on the subject of playoffs, my favorite sports team, the Las Vegas Golden Knight hockey team, last year’s winners of the coveted Stanley Cup, has made it into the playoffs, which begins on Monday, April 22. I signed up for their app, and we can stream all of the games while we’re here and when we get to Minnesota. The hockey league’s playoffs last for quite a while.

As for the rest for today, we’ll most likely stay in today and tonight. Last evening, when we brought dinner and salad to Colleen’s, seven of us had a good time, ending in more time playing Buck Euchre. By 9:30, I was ready to return to the park model and hunker down for the night.

I sat in the living room for a few hours, streaming a few shows until I finally needed to sleep. I heard Tom return around 2:30 am. He crawled into bed a short time later and slept until around 8:00 am. I am happy he’s enjoying quality time with his sisters, reminiscing about their childhood and youth.

I’ve heard their stories many times in the past since I’ve been around for almost 33 years, but it’s fun to see how animated and lively they become sharing their history. The voices and laughing are loud and playful, always interspersed with teasing and laughter. It’s fun to see.

I saved a pan of last night’s dinner for us for tonight’s dinner. All I have to do is make a salad to go with it. So far, this morning, I’ve done half of my daily walking and will soon do the yoga exercises for the day. It’s been easy for me to commit to this daily schedule, knowing how important it is for my health as I prepare for what’s coming down the road.

Enjoy your Sunday, and be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, April 14, 2014:

The handmade wares the locals offer are a common sight along a highway in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. For more photos, please click here.

Day 7…Greenland Cruise…Currently in the Labrador Sea, heading to St. John’s Newfoundland…

Labrador Sea - Wikipedia
Here is a map of our upcoming destination.

Labrador Sea

The Labrador Sea is an arm of the North Atlantic Ocean between the Labrador Peninsula and Greenland. The sea is flanked by continental shelves to the southwest, northwest, and northeast. It connects to the north with Baffin Bay through the Davis Strait. It is a marginal sea of the Atlantic. Wikipedia
Area324,712 mi²
Mean depth6,227′
Coordinates61°N 56°W / 61°N 56°W
Depthabout 3,400 m
Max. widthc. 900 km (559 mi)

We are at sea today and tomorrow, heading toward the island of St. John, shown in the above map at the bottom right of the mainland. Once we arrive on the island, we’ll add more information about it. If the weather is decent, we’ll get off the ship and take some photos.


Last night, once again, we dined at a shared table for eight in the Cosmopolitan dining room, enjoying conversation among the tablemates that went well into the evening. Afterward, we headed to the Rendezvous Bar and then to the Sky Lounge for another night of Silent Disco.

We were both tired after staying up late many nights and ended up heading off to our cabin by around 10:30, both looking forward to a good night’s sleep, which we accomplished, feeling much more alert and energetic today. We love cruising and socializing so much that we stay up late on cruises, often not returning to our cabin until after midnight.


Are we enjoying this Celebrity cruise as much as the previous Azamara? Socially, yes, but there are a few issues on this cruise that we have discussed among ourselves several times. One, the food isn’t as good as it was in Azamara. The menu options in the dining room, where we prefer to dine each night, are limited.

Last night, Tom noticed only one meat option for dinner: coq au vin, which he doesn’t care for. He picked at his plate, eating only small bites. The other three options were all vegetarian. By no means are we vegetarians. Also, my special order didn’t go as planned.

More Greenland…

I have to order the next night’s dinner in advance on this and other ships due to my special diet of meat and vegetables without starchy sides and sauces. You’d think this was easy to accomplish, but it is not. All I am looking for is food in its natural state without vegetable oils but flavored with some spices to avoid being bland and unappetizing. This has been tough to accomplish on this cruise.

On the Azamara cruise, the food was much better. With fewer passengers on Azamara Journey at 587, compared to over 2000 on this ship Celebrity Summit, it was easier for the chefs to prepare special meals that were delicious. Here, it doesn’t seem very easy for them to get it right.

More Greenland…very desolate but interesting nonetheless.

The first several nights, my meal was swimming in butter. When I asked for less butter and more spices, they over-spiced it, and last night, it was so salty I couldn’t eat it. I quietly let the head waiter, who attends to special orders, know the food wasn’t good, but only quietly when we were leaving the restaurant. I am not one to make a fuss in public.

Graciously, I explained the dilemma, and he promised it would be better tonight. If I’d mentioned it during dinner, he would have pressed me to order something else, and after a big lunch, I didn’t care about getting an entirely new dish while everyone at the table waited for me to eat before ordering their dessert. It just doesn’t matter that much to me to make a spectacle.

That’s all I have for today, folks. We are continuing to revel in the delightful scenery and socialization aboard the ship. The cruise ends in Botson in six days on August 30.

Be well.

Photo ten years ago today, August 24, 2013:

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