Rushing to finish today’s post to watch football…

In January 2013, we had our first of two experiences through the Panama Canal. We loved every moment.

We don’t get the NFL football games on TV in the condo. So today, I am rushing through this post to be done before the first of today’s two games starts. I am most interested in the Kansas City Chiefs game at noon, and Tom is more interested in the Detroit Lions game at 3:30 pm today.

We’ll most likely watch both games on the DAZN app, formerly NFL Game Pass, which changed in the past few years. Tom isn’t as happy with DAZN as with the former NFL Game Pass app. In the past, the games could be watched after the game ended without commercials. Now, they blank the screen while the commercials are playing. If it’s watched live, there is no way to bypass the blank screen while the commercials play.

The old way, the commercials would entirely be removed about three hours after the game ended, and the game would play continuously. When using the old app, NFL Game Pass, we could get through a game in about two hours after the game ends. Once the game ends, we have to scroll through the commercials, meaning Tom has to get up, get to the laptop close to the TV, and manually fast-forward through the commercials. What an inconvenience.

Plus, to watch games on DAZN, we have to use the VPN, in our case, Express VPN, showing we’re watching from another country since it won’t allow viewers in the US to watch games on the app. The app is only intended for use outside of the US.

So today, we’ll figure it out since we like to watch the games to determine the outcome rather than see the results on social media or the news. It makes the games more fun to watch when we don’t know the outcome.

There’s not much going on here today other than spending the entire afternoon watching NFL football. Last night, we enjoyed our Grubhub delivered from the Chinese restaurant, making today an easy day for me. I’m caught up on all the household tasks, including laundry, so it will be an easy day besides working out down the hall.

With our fantastic leftovers, I won’t be cooking, and all we’ll have to do for tonight’s dinner is heat up the second meal we each ordered last night from China Tango. The food was fresh and delicious. Surely, we’ll order from them again while we’re here in Lake Las Vegas.

Tom is talking to his daughter Tammy and grandson Vincent, and he left a message for his son TJ. I have been in close touch with my kids and grandkids since we arrived here since it’s easy to talk on the phone while in the US. It’s quite a convenience that we appreciate while we’re in the US.

When we left South Africa last April, we faced 14 months until we returned. Now, we’re down to only a little more than 4½ months until we return. So much has happened in the interim. We are certainly relieved to be spending this quiet time right now.

That’s it for today, folks. Soon, it will be time for the first game to start, which I am particularly anticipating since I am a big fan of Patrick Mahomes. He’s fun to watch.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, January 28, 2014:

We found this bug in the house in Marloth Park. We opened a window, sending her on her way. For more “small things,” please click here.