It was an exciting football day for me…For Tom? Not so much…Multi-tasking…

The sticky little pads on tree frogs’ feet in Marloth Park help it jump from spot to spot. This one was perched on the edge of the pool.

Besides the Minnesota Vikings, my favorite NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs, won yesterday’s exciting game. Tom’s favorite team, besides the Minnesota Vikings, the Detroit Lions, lost. Having our teams in the Super Bowl would be fun, but it’s not to be. However, he will root for the San Francisco 49ers. So, we’ll have fun watching the game together on Sunday, February 11.

I wonder what Tom will do to entertain himself on the quiet days and nights when the football season is officially over. He’s not necessarily a fan of other sports. We shall see how that rolls out.

Every morning, we listen to a few podcasts we both enjoy. One is Garage Logic, on which Tom is mentioned on their five-day-a-week broadcast when he sends in “On This Day in Minnesota History” to Joe Soucheray, who mentions us at the end of each episode as “the Traveling Lymans,” which may be found at this link.

Also, we listen to a few “news-related” podcasts and the delightful “The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison,” which may be found at this link. As enthusiastic viewers of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” we were disappointed when Chris Harrison was booted from the show. When we heard he had a podcast, we were thrilled to begin listening to every fascinating and entertaining podcast, now with his new wife, Lauren Zima. The podcasts are about relationships of all ages, life, love, health and well-being.

Both of these podcasts are pretty entertaining. Tom plays them on his laptop, using our Bluetooth wireless speaker, often while I am working on the latest posts for the day. Tom always comments on how much of a multi-tasker I am; yes, I can write here and listen simultaneously.

It’s funny how I’ve observed, over the years, how many of my friends are equally good at multitasking, and few of his friends care to do more than one thing at a time. I believe it’s a matter of brain chemistry and the subsequent skills associated with how one’s brain works.

Often, I have three or four tasks in process at any given time and easily revert from one to another, never missing a beat. When Tom is engaged in one project, he doesn’t even want to hear about other tasks until he has completed the first task. For instance, if I am prepping food and the washer is done, I’ll stop chopping and dicing and hang the wet laundry on the portable rack.

During these two tasks, if my phone beeps that an Amazon package has been dropped off at the door, I’ll stop hanging laundry and get the package and even go as far as opening it, disposing of the packing material, and putting the item away where it belongs. In this case, one may say four tasks are occurring simultaneously.

In such cases, I don’t necessarily return to the first task of chopping and dicing. I may, on a whim, finish hanging the laundry. There’s no rhyme or reason as to the order in which I finish the prior tasks, not conscientiously, anyway. I suppose there is a method in the recesses of my brain, but I’ve yet to analyze it and see no reason to do so.

Fortunately, my memory is still excellent, so I rarely fail to return to one of the other tasks. I imagine many of our readers relate to this helter-skelter process and feel quite comfortable with it.

Often, all of the above tasks coincide with my preparation of the daily post, adding one more element to the process. Suppose there is a time-sensitive task, such as making a business-related call. In those cases, I find setting the timer on my phone is most helpful since it is set to go off even if I have the do-not-disturb on, which we always set when we go to bed to prevent being awoken by robocalls and app dings.

That’s it for today, dear readers. We hope you have a fantastic day, evening and week to come.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today,  January 29, 2014:

We realize we’ve posted this photo many times. Still, it was indeed a fantastic experience for both of us on this date ten years ago: Yesterday morning, while writing on the veranda, I heard a “thump, thump” and alerted Tom to look up, and once again, we had the most exciting visitor, a solitary giraffe. We’d assumed he’d stopped to munch on the treetops, enabling us to take some photos. He dashed out of the yard so fast that I could not take another photo. It was the third time we’ve had giraffes in our yard. Heavenly. For more photos, please click here.