Part 1…Our first visitors…Our second meal out in The Villages…

My mouth watered when I saw these two treats Kristi and Keviin brought for Tom, made through their home business, “One More Bite, Organic Desserts.” I don’t dare try them, but they certainly look delicious.

Yesterday, it was terrific to have Kristi and Kevin visit us from their home in Florida. We appreciated them making the 8-hour round trip, but they both enjoyed a trip away for the day from their usual busy schedules.

They arrived around noon, and after a quick tour of our place, we lounged outdoors at the table on the lanai until, finally, we decided to head out to eat. It was still afternoon, and we hadn’t had breakfast, so we were all hungry and looking forward to a nice meal.

Tom and his nephew Kevin.

Kristi is also conscientious of eating healthy whole foods, making Mexican food a good option for all of us. The restaurant, Los Magueyes, was an excellent choice, and although we’ll try other Mexican restaurants, we’d love to return sometime in the future.

Today, I did better on our walk than I have since we began walking in Marloth Park about a month ago. Also, walking on even paved surfaces is delightful, making walking easier and less likely to result in a twisted ankle or even a fall.

Kristi and Kevin thoughtfully made the eight-hour round-trip drive to see us. We had a fantastic day!

The conversation at the meal was delightful. We all shared stories, past and present, and reveled in one another’s lives. Kristi and Kevin started a fantastic organic home bakery business here in Florida, “One More Bite Organic Desserts,” found on this site. In the future, they plan to ship country-wide. We’ll update the details at that time.

Although I can’t eat any of their delectable treats since they contain organic sugar, they brought two special items for Tom, which he’ll savor in the next few days. They are both dedicated and enthusiastic about having started this successful business and enjoy serving their customers who prefer the option of organic desserts, many of which are gluten-, grain-free, and dairy-free.

There are several Mexican restaurants in The Villages. We chose this location since it was close to a Wells Fargo ATM and had the same 4.5-star reviews as all the other Mexican restaurants in the area. Dining there proved to be worthwhile. Now that I’m beginning to feel better, we plan to get out at least a few times a week and visit some of the other villages in this amazing retirement community.

After we left the restaurant, Kevin drove around The Villages for us to take photos. I hadn’t brought the camera, but after we explored, we found a few areas we’ll return to this coming weekend when friends Karen and Rich arrive, an area we can’t wait to share with hotos. It was absolutely amazing. How fun!

Authentic Mexican decor in the restaurant.

Once back at our holiday home, they decided to begin the four-hour road trip back to their home near the sea. We warmly hugged goodbye and planned to see each other at the end of September when we’ll all be in Minnesota. We’re looking forward to seeing them again.

Tom said his margarita was delicious. He hadn’t had one of these since the last time we were in the US in November 2022.

No words can describe how much better I’m feeling today. This morning, our huge Kroger grocery order arrived, and I had no trouble organizing and putting everything away where I struggled with the simplest tasks only a few days ago. We have enough food to last two to three weeks, only filling in a few items we can order as needed, such as lettuce and other fresh vegetables. The minimum order for free delivery is $35 with the Boost app, which is easy to do when running low on a few items.

Kristi and I had eaten too much of our dishes to take decent photos. We were having such a good time; I forgot to take food photos. My only alternative was to take photos of Tom’s partially eaten taco salad and Kevin’s dish. I ordered a prawn and vegetable dish without rice, beans, or tortillas. It was delicious, but it was a small portion without the rice and beans. Later in the evening, I had a chicken breast at the house.

This house motivates me to stay impeccably tidy and for us to keep it as clean as possible. Also, I finished two loads of laundry and put everything away. In South Africa, with less storage space, we struggled to keep everything in order and dust free, a small price to pay for the joy of living in the bush.

Kevin’s dish of half quesadilla, refried beans, rice, and salsa.

Louise wrote this morning to tell me the awful load shedding has prompted them to temporarily move into our former house with the fantastic inverter system. They are installing the same system in their home, which should be done by the end of the month since they won’t have to suffer with the load shedding. It’s funny they are there seeing all of our beloved animals and, of course, Norman, Nina, and Natalie each day.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more photos.

Be well.

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