Memorial service this morning…Why so many passports in the past ten years?…

Nina and Norman often visit together. Such a handsome couple.

It’s hard to get myself ready for the day when there is load shedding every morning from 7:00 to 9:30. The bathroom is dark unless I open the blinds, and I wouldn’t say I like opening them and showering with the window facing the street. Humans walk on the street in the mornings on their way to work, but if it isn’t humans, a kudu or wildebeest could easily stand at the window and look at me. This can startle me and yet be funny at the same time.

I tried to nap a few days ago (no luck), and first, a kudu stood at the window with her nose touching the glass, looking for me. Minutes later, a wildebeest did the same. They had a look on their faces that asked. “When are  you comin’ out?”  Pellets were on their minds.

The poor animals are hungry, and some have begun to look very lean. Hopefully, the rains will soon fill the bush with tasty green vegetation for them to eat. Last week, we had glorious rain for two days, but we need much more in the days to come.

They posed for the camera!

We have fed lucerne, carrots, apples, veggie scraps, pellets, meat for the mongoose, yogurt for the bushbabies, and bird seeds. Yesterday, we tossed out a few ripe bananas for the bushbucks, but before they got to them, a starling came by, pecked open the peel, and pecked at the tender contents. Even the birds are hungry.

The bales of lucerne have been especially nourishing for them, which we’ll continue until the rains come.  October is the very beginning of the rainy season, as shown in the graph below:

Photo from one year ago today, October 4, 2021:

Frank’s and The Misses’ chicks came to call! For more photos, please click here.