Have a meaningful Memorial weekend to all of our readers in the US…Birthday party tonight…

We traveled this road when leaving Campanario, Madeira, to Ribeira Brava to go to the grocery store.

This morning, when Tom wanted to watch CBS Sunday Morning on TV, he headed to the breakfast room in the main building, loaded up our plates with eggs, turkey sausage for me, and bacon for himself, and returned it to our room. I don’t eat deep-fried bacon cooked in undesirable oil, which we’ve found commonplace when breakfast is included in the hotel rate, which is the case here.

Instead, I’ll eat the turkey or chicken sausage, which may not be ideal, but the breakfast holds us until dinner. This morning, instead of hard-boiled eggs, I ate scrambled eggs, but when I looked up the ingredients in those processed scrambled eggs, I decided I wouldn’t eat them again. They contain soybean oil and corn flour, ingredients I don’t eat.

That’s the problem when dining out…having no control over what ingredients are used in the preparation of meals. I often choose salads with grilled chicken (without oil). Unfortunately, many of these salads are dry and require salad dressing. In those cases, I ask for sour cream with fewer added ingredients.

Yesterday, we headed to the grocery shop at Cub Foods. Tom waited in the car since I prefer to shop on my own. I selected organic salad ingredients, sour cream and Fage Greek yogurt, a variety of imported cheeses, and various meats to cook: steaks, pork chops, and pork ribs for Tom and salmon, shrimp, and chicken for me.

For dinner last night, we had roasted chicken, rice for Tom, and salad for both of us. If we feel hungry for a snack after dinner, I purchased Kemps Vanilla ice cream for Tom and spicy cheese curds for me. We tend to eat early, and often, we may feel like a little treat a few hours later.

We spent about $200 on groceries, which will be enough to get us through the next few weeks since we have many dinner dates planned and will only cook a few nights each week. But it’s nice to have something in case we get hungry.

We’re celebrating Heather’s birthday tonight in a restaurant, the location I’ll know in a few hours when Greg decides where it will be. I ordered a gift for Heather from Amazon but it wouldn’t have arrived on time. Subsequently, I placed the order to be delivered to an Amazon locker in the Cub store.

We didn’t leave for Cub until I received the delivery notice from Amazon, a code to access the locker at the store. That sure was convenient! I never knew such a service existed until I saw the lockers at Cub a few weeks ago. Many items offered by Amazon that can’t be received on time for a specific situation can be delivered to an Amazon locker that day or the next. This is one of many convenience scenarios we’ve experienced in the US during this visit.

We’ll spend most of today in our room, which has a nice living room. It’s raining, and we don’t care about going out. We’re looking forward to watching the Indy 500, which starts in less than an hour from now.

Have a safe and wonderful Sunday. Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, May 26, 2014:

Wildflowers growing in our garden in Campanario, Madeira, Portugal. For more photos, please click here.