Another horrific event in the USA…Is it safe anywhere?…A

Today’s flowers from the grounds of La Perla are a token of our sorrowful expression for the loss of life and injury of the victims in the Texas mass shooting.

“Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica”

A view across the valley to Atenas on a clear day.
As we post each day, we can’t ignore the horrific tragedies occurring throughout the world. Our goal is to attempt to adhere as closely as possible to travel-related topics in our day-to-day lives as we live from country to country.

However, we are deeply touched by the seemingly endless shocking events occurring throughout the world. In reality, such events become an integral aspect of our decisions about where we’ll travel in the future. 

Essentially, the observation and subsequent discussion of these types of events can’t be ignored, not by us, not by any citizens of the world. No, we won’t get into highly charged mentions of political affiliations that rise to the forefront when such events occur. 

Although Tom and I have distinct and passionate political opinions and views, we chose, many moons ago, not to express them here. This is not an arena for espousing our political perceptions. 

This is a site to share the lives of two very much in-love senior citizens who left everything behind, selling everything we owned, to embark upon a worldwide journey living in various countries along the way, experiencing other cultures, wildlife, nature, and history. There is no place for politics here.

Taking the political aspect out of such tragedies places them closer to our hearts with prayers and condolences for those who lost their lives and for the loved ones who are left to mourn and grieve their losses. Who among us can grasp the magnitude of such losses unless they’ve sadly fallen prey to such sorrow?

This week, as we have in many weeks, months, and years passed, stick close to the news hoping to glean a tidbit of information explaining how and why such horrors are perpetrated. 

Will knowing the “why” give any of the families and friends of victims peace? Momentarily, it may. But, moments later, the reality of their losses flood their minds, and they may never find life to be the same without their loved ones.

The concept that “time heals all wounds” may provide a modicum of comfort in the minds of family and friends, but when spoken by others, it sounds weak and meaningless. 

Even the frequently spoken words, “Sorry for your loss” bespeaks an easy “out” rather than a more thoughtful, “No words I can say can ease your loss. Our love and prayers are with you and your family”… or, in many other ways, one may express heartfelt concern and compassion. 

Yesterday’s loss of 26 lives and over 20 parishioners injured in Sutherland Springs, Texas, is another senseless event perpetrated by yet another angry and mentally deranged individual. Had it not been for the bravery of a local citizen shooting the attacker, more could have perished. 

As we continue in our world travels, as we mentioned in yesterday’s post, there is no country in the world safe from harm, not even our native country, the USA. We pray for the souls lost, their loved ones, and for peace in the world.

Be safe.  Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, November 6, 2016:

Check out this adorable honeydew melon mouse which was made during a fruit carving presentation aboard the ship. For more photos, please click here.