The Penguin Market, a popular Sunday event…Winding down with two days until departure…

Last evening’s rainbow over the ocean.  Looking carefully, Tom spotted a second lighter rainbow to the far left, difficult to see in this photo.

Our sightseeing and exploration of Penguin have ended. No more trips to the market. No more drives to the countryside except for the upcoming five-hour drive in two days to Huonville, where we’ll spend the next six weeks.

The Sunday only Penguin Market surprised us when we’d assumed it was a typical farmers market.

As we recall the wide array of experiences we’ve had in Penguin, we can’t stop smiling over the quality of the exceptional six-week stay in this quaint and charming small town. 

There are a few tiny vegetable kiosks tucked away from the main shopping areas. Primarily, this market is about antiques and arts and crafts-type goods for sale from local artisans and vendors.  This display consisted of a variety of rocks and semi-precious stones.

Yes, I’m tired of using “quaint” and “charming” to describe Penguin, but there aren’t many other appropriate words in the English language to depict this special and unique area. 

Many displays were beautifully presented.

From the thesaurus, “quaint” synonyms are as follows:


  1. attractively unusual or old-fashioned.

    synonyms: picturesque, charming, sweet, attractive, old-fashioned, old-world, cunning;


Handmade baby booties and socks.

“Charming” is described as follows:

  1. pleasant or attractive.

    • (of a person or manner) polite, friendly, and likable.
Local artists perform live music in a courtyard area.

After spending many years of my life as owner/broker of a real estate company, I was often stumped in describing certain houses in advertising mediums, avoiding the use of these two seemingly perfect words. 

Mosaic shop.

Few towns we’ve visited in our travels best bespeak these two words more than Penguin. Sure, we could have referred to it as  “picturesque,” which it undoubtedly is, but that word would have become tiresome even more quickly.

At first glance, these doughnuts whet our appetites only to discover they are handmade soaps.

The word “whimsical” could have described the Penguin-related décor evident throughout the town, as we’ve shown in many photos. But, that description ends there when one comes to know its friendly citizens, its simple and slow-paced style of life, and resident’s commitment to maintaining a healthful and environmentally friendly community.

This cake was the same as above…soaps, at AU 15, US $11.25 a slice. Yum!

As shown in today’s photos, the easy-paced Sunday Penguin Market further illustrates this town’s uncomplicated and pleasing persona with handmade crafts, treasured antiques, and items from throughout the world, presenting a diverse sampling of products that may appeal to locals and visitors alike.

Many of the shops offer handmade crafts crocheted and knitted crafts.

As we begin to wrap up our usual pre-packing tasks such as scanning receipts, using remaining perishable foods on hand, preparing the total expenses to be presented online in two days, we find ourselves feeling a tinge of sadness to be leaving Penguin.

One shop’s theme centered around Teddy Bear dolls, furniture, and clothing.

But, in our usual style, we’ll breeze through the prep and the packing. Then, by Monday morning (it’s Saturday here today), we’ll be out the door enthusiastically anticipating the next leg in our journey as we embark on a scenic journey through Tasmania, perhaps encountering more quaint and charming towns along the way.

May the simple things in life bring you joy and fulfillment!

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