Making changes…

We visited the camels on a tour from our riad in Marrakesh, Morocco 2014. The guide informed us of camel facts. It was fun to see this mom and baby.

It was another busy morning. During the first hour, I was busy chopping and dicing vegetables for tonight’s dinner, including our “unwiches” and the usual big salad I make daily. For our salad, I chop freshly washed romaine lettuce, place it in a towel, and then place it in the refrigerator to dry the lettuce before tossing it at dinnertime.

Our salads always contained lettuce, hand-shredded cabbage, celery, and grape tomatoes, all low-carb enough for my eating. Then I toss it with plain Greek yogurt, salt, and my liquid sweetener, which makes a delicious, easy-to-prepare daily salad filled with nutrients.

There have been a lot of posts online that vegetables produce toxins since they can’t run, like animals, if attacked by humans harvesting them or animals eating them. I know that lectins and nightshades in some vegetables can be harmful, so I don’t disagree with this theory. However, I am willing to take risks when certain nutrients appear to be good for my health.

If I didn’t eat vegetables, my diet would be entirely carnivore, which is too hard for me to do, although it claims to have certain health benefits. Also, I consume some dairy products, cheese, sour cream, and Green yogurt, and drink wine, none of which are considered a carnivore way of eating.

A few years ago, I tried carnivore, which didn’t agree with my digestive system. After a few months, I stopped to return to basic Keto/low-carb, which totally agrees with me. There is so much conflicting information online that one could get confused and frustrated. I’ve found that how I feel is the best measure of what works for me.

This morning, I arranged tickets for a movie and a reservation for dinner on Friday night to celebrate Richard’s birthday. The four of us will go for an early dinner, followed by the movie Argylle. I love going to a movie theatre. Tom, not so much, but he does love the popcorn and Coke. I can never eat anything at a movie theater. After 12 years of my diet, it doesn’t bother me a bit.

I never look at other’s food or snacks and feel I am sacrificing. It’s a choice I’ve made for my health, and I have no problem avoiding sugar and starch. I suppose it’s like anything else – when you choose to make a change, rather than being told you have to, it’s a lot easier, although some may differ in this assumption.

Change isn’t easy. Regularly, we find ways in which we need to make changes to accommodate our health or our lifestyle. Recently, I discovered that I sleep better if I go to bed and get up later in the morning. This is a significant change for me since I was always an early riser.

Tom usually takes a nap around 2:00 pm daily, but now he is questioning if doing so impacts his sleep quality at night. Many have reported they have similar problems from napping during the day. Occasionally, I may doze off during the day, but it’s a rarity. I keep myself busy during the day, exercising and doing household tasks, and may only sit half as much as most seniors. I know how unhealthy sitting for long periods is for retirees and others.

Soon, I will head to the ground-level outdoor mailbox to see if the doctor’s office sent my two prescriptions after my recent appointment. A few items I ordered may not have been from Amazon and ended up in the mailbox. So far today, I’ve done more than half of my daily steps and look forward to getting that done.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, March 13, 2014:

This photo was taken in Marrakesh, Morocco, from a third-floor restaurant rooftop where we dined in the past week. For more photos, please click here.