We’re on the Maharajas Express train speeding through the countryside of India…

One of the two dining cars.

Note: We had many more photos we’d intended to post today, but the WiFi signal is too weak to upload more today. We’ll save all of our photos and upload them later when hopefully, the connection improves.

The magic of our non-stop global travels that sustains us through all the challenges, that never cease to amaze us as we traverse the world.

Here we are, today, on February 2, 2020, the whimsical day when reversing the date is 2020,02,02, and we’re traversing the countryside in India on a fast-moving luxury train.

An interesting vegetarian dish was served at lunch.

Comparable to the Orient Express, the Maharajas Express has every imaginable amenity and is known throughout the world as one of the finest coach experiences available to the most discriminating travelers.

Pinch me. Is this real? How many times have I said this in this past seven years of world travel? More than I can count. But this experience, along with others, leaves us breathless, grateful, and in awe.

Our cabin isn’t much larger than the queen-sized bed, but we’re excellent, especially having our en suite bathroom.

There are approximately 70 passengers on board with a crew close to 100, with each cabin assigned a butler who’s available 24 hours a day to fulfill each passenger’s every need and whim. Nothing is spared. Service is impeccable. Design is tasteful and commensurate with Indian culture and customs. 

And India…the country where so many warned us about the water, food, pollution, and crime rate…we see beyond all of this. We embrace its culture, people, and colorful existence entrenched in the Hindu beliefs of peacefulness, calm, and harmony.

We saved these two chairs at our table for a lovely couple from Scotland we’d met earlier in the day. The four of us had a delightful lunch together.

The sacred cows, the exquisite temples, the powerful beliefs of its people leave us hungering for knowledge and experience, which surely over these next two months, we’ll capture every day in photos, stories, and rich experiences we can’t wait to share with all of you.

Leave your preconceived notions at the door and enter this magical world with us as we scour the country, hungry to learn, anxious to grow, and eager to embrace this heart-pounding adventure, like none other in our recent past.

As we’re situated in our tiny cabin with en suite bathroom, with a surprisingly decent Wi-Fi signal, while jiggling from the harmonic role of the cars meandering over the tracks, I’m practically lulled to sleep by the sensations.

Locals on a passing train.

Having worked on the railroad for over 42 years, Tom only knows this sensation too well, hardly giving it a thought. For me, the novice, I’m enraptured by it all. But the opportunity to share this adventure is indescribable and undoubtedly awe-inspiring.

After a fabulous lunch in one of the two dining cars, with a visit from the head chef, John Stone, an Indian man of excellent knowledge of food and catering, we’re confident he will compose meals for me befitting my strict dietary guidelines. 

As we passed a local train…

He didn’t waste a moment appearing at our table with a sincere goal to provide attention and enthusiastic support in preparing delicious and suitable meals for me. We were both impressed as my first meal proved to be exactly as prescribed. I’m content and at ease.

Over these next six nights and seven days, we’ll continue to post, as long as WiFi remains consistent enough to do so, sharing every last detail of this particular time in our world travels.

Please check back. There’s so much more to come.

Photo from one year ago today, February 2, 2019:

Many refer to impalas as “McDonald’s “due to the big “M” on their backside and…how they provide ample meals for the big cats. For more photos, please click here.