Six days and counting…Posting during departure periods…Delicious low carb smoothie recipe…

Throughout Tasmania and Australian states, there are many wood carvings
in honor of Australians throughout history.

Today, it’s Thursday in this part of the world. Early next Wednesday morning, we’ll depart for the airport in Hobart, an approximate 45-minute drive depending on the morning traffic.

This is one of two plaques posted on the above memorial wood carving.

We’ll be flying domestically from Hobart to Sydney, which requires less advance arrival time at the airport than for international flights. However, Tom always feels more comfortable leaving early to ensure we arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Recognition for the soldier of the Boer War.

An arrival one hour before the flight is plenty of time to check our bags, get our boarding passes, and head to the appropriate gate. Yet, invariably, we end up sitting in chairs for two hours before the flight.

Over the past almost 26 years, our goal is to compromise when we disagree. If one of us compromises to put the other at ease, the other doesn’t argue or complain. Ultimately, ensuring each of us is comfortable is of our utmost concern.

In the town of Franklin we walked along the riverbank enjoying the beautiful scenery.

We can sit at the airport as easily as at our home-of-the-moment while awaiting the upcoming flight. In addition, many airports offer free WiFi and relatively comfortable seating in various cafes where we can order bottled water and entertain ourselves online while waiting.

At times, when departing on an early morning flight, I’ll post a short message that the day’s post may be a little late, which I’ll upload from the airport while we wait. Likewise, on some occasions, I’ll prepare and upload the day’s post once we get settled upon boarding a cruise.

There are houses across a narrow road along the Huon River in Franklin, many of which have lovely flower gardens.

At other times, I’ll prepare the post the prior day and that day’s post. Preparing two posts in one day is time-consuming when it’s completed, in addition to wrapping up the packing. Also, we always include our total expenses separately for each location. These figures must be prepared well in advance since this process is also time consuming.

I continue to strive to take care of myself as I make my way through the one-week antibiotic regime prescribed by the local doctor. Although the drug’s side effects prevent me from feeling up to going out or doing anything of significance, I’m making every effort to get well.

When we left the house, the sun was shining, but it was cloudy again by the time we reached Franklin.

It’s a combination of rest with some mobility, avoiding spending time lying down or in bed, and eating healthfully while attempting each day to consume sufficient nutrients. I’ve continued to prepare most of our meals during this period of time, more with the intent of moving about, although Tom happily helps when I ask. 

During this illness I’ve been using a free app to calculate the day’s nutritional components. Here’s the link to the free app. (Make sure to download the free edition, which is easy to determine).

I’ve been feeling ravenous lately, eating such small amounts.  But, over these past months, I’ve only been able to eat small amounts in any six-hour period. So today, at the beginning of day three on meds, I’ll try adding a small salad to my midday meal. 

Flowers in a tree with the cloud sky backdrop.

We’ve been eating our main meal around 1:00 pm, giving me ample time to digest the meal eventually. I concocted a healthy and delicious low-carb smoothie that’s easily digestible for both mornings and evenings, preventing me from having to eat again to deal with the consequence.

If any of our readers have digestive problems, a smoothie may be a good adjunct to light meals while recovering. Here’s my smoothie recipe that seems to abate my hunger for a few hours:

Jess’s Low Carb Digestive Smoothie

1 ½  cups water or  unsweetened coconut milk or water
2 scoops unsweetened vanilla low carb protein powder (or appropriate servings size based listed serving size)
½ cup unsweetened, unflavored organic Greek yogurt
1 T. organic unsweetened cocoa powder
1 T. organic ground flaxseed (Don’t use if diarrhea is an issue.  his natural product may be helpful for constipation and is non-habit forming)
½ tsp. powdered unsweetened Vitamin C with sodium ascorbic (See here for benefits of Vitamin C)
½ tsp. organic powdered cinnamon
Low carb sweetener to taste (a must in some form that works for you)

Blend all of these ingredients into a blender until lump-free. Pour over a large glass of ice and serve. This makes more than one serving, but it tastes so good, I usually add the balance to my mug. If you have a powerful blender, add ice to the blender after thoroughly blending ingredients.  Urgent: Please check with your doctor should any of these ingredients be an issue for you.

Many varieties of roses are found in Tasmania with suitable climates.

With six days remaining until we depart, I continue with optimism and enthusiasm for what is yet to come over these next months.

Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, February 23, 2016:

The unique, architecturally interesting Te Kewa Kewa Bridge in New Plymouth, New Zealand, was quite a sight to see. For more photos, please click here.