Crabby?…Pillowcases and clothing…Change in plans effective in four days…What was the cost?

Large visitor came to call after high tide during the night.  Check out those eyes!

“Sightings on the Beach in Bali”

This tiny white sail was able to pull this boat in high winds.

Why we decided to leave the villa five days earlier than planned wasn’t made easily.  We’ve loved it here.  However, practicality came into play inspiring us to consider how to handle the upcoming days  with limited Wi-Fi access, until we fly from Bali after midnight on October 30th.

We’ll arrive in Sydney on October 30th, (the red eye), spend one night in our usual hotel in Sydney located across the street from the port and sail away on the day of our fourth anniversary of traveling the world, October 31st.  What a day to celebrate which we’ll happily do aboard the ship! 

After the overnight stay in the Sydney hotel we’ll have recovered from the red eye (who sleeps well on a plane?) and be excited to embark on the 33 night cruise circumventing the continent of Australia on Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas.

Our original plan was to take off from the villa for the four or five hour harrowing drive on Saturday where we’d stay for several hours, not a full night, before heading to airport as required at 10 pm to board the midnight flight to Sydney.  With this plan, we wouldn’t have to hang out at the airport for hours.

A friend of Ketut’s made these two pillowcases to fit my new pillow that arrived in the recent package.  The cost for both of these was only US $3.07, IDR 40,000!

We could have planned a later departure from the villa to head directly to the airport but with the long drive, the physical stress of sitting so long and the outrageous traffic, we decided several quiet hours at the hotel was certainly worth the low cost for the hotel.

As a result, we booked a room at at the exceptional Hilton Garden Inn in Kuta which is close the airport.  We’d use the room as a resting point until 10 pm, to then depart for the airport for the nighttime flight.  This made all the sense in the world when neither of us wanted to spend eight hours hanging around the airport. 

We’ve stayed at this hotel twice in these past months and with their low rates, it was a no-brainer.  Then, a few days ago something dawned on me.  Why not go one day earlier to ensure we’ve had at least one good night’s rest before the red eye? 

Neither of us ever sleeps much the night before departure from a vacation home when are minds are preoccupied with getting up on time, finishing last minute packing and getting on our way  Overall, our lives consist of few time constraints, other than departure dates. Its easy to get caught up in the particulars when unable to sleep during the last night.

After wearing a beautiful top like this when we dressed in Hindu attire as shown in this post, I decided to buy a few of these lace tops realizing these would be perfect on formal nights on cruises.  Ketut brought several colors for me to try on.  I ended up purchasing five colors at only US $12.29, IDR 160,000 each!  Now I’ll have to toss five items from my luggage to maintain the proper weight.

This conversation while in the pool yesterday changed to the prospect of leaving for the hotel next Friday instead of Saturday. Then everything changed.  We got out of the pool, showered and changed and tried over and over again to get online to add the one more night’s hotel stay.

Unable to get online for several hours even when rebooting the router, we came to the conclusion that we should actually leave earlier than we’d discussed in the pool.  With the owners next door having arrived on Tuesday and their use of the shared Wi-Fi router located between the two villas on a massive pole, we had a difficult time getting online.

We certainly don’t blame the owners of this wonderful property.  The property listing was clear that the shared signal was sketchy.  Over these past almost four months we’ve somehow managed but now, with them sharing, its become all the more problematic. 

Ribut and the new guy who works next door, were raking the grass in front of the pool after a very high tide brought in debris overnight.

The weak signal is simply not strong enough to suit our needs while they’re  using it as well.  Nor would we ask them to do anything differently.  After all, this is their property and they’re here only a few weeks.  Like us, they also need to be online.

After waiting a few hours, entertaining ourselves otherwise, (neither of us complaining), we made the decision to leave for Denpasar (Kuta) five days earlier than planned.

Finally, around 6 pm, we managed to get online and book the hotel at the same unbelievable rate of US $50, IDR 649,149 per night for five more nights.  (We’d already paid the same amount for Saturday’s non-overnight booking).  This rate includes the buffet breakfast.  See below for the five night total:


Payment details

Price for room 1
Monday, October 24, 2016 $50.47
Tuesday, October 25, 2016 $50.47
Wednesday, October 26, 2016 $50.47
Thursday, October 27, 2016 $50.47
Tax recovery charges and service fees $42.40
Total amount paid $244.28

Click here for photos and amenities for this excellent hotel.

The hotel has a free airport shuttle, a coin operated laundry, an enormous pool and a beautiful affordable dinner menu.  Last time we dined at this hotel was on June 28th, (click here for the post with photos) when the chef had come to our table to confirm that I’d been happy with the special meal he’d made for me. 

We don’t leave here early flippantly.  We’ve paid for these final days and won’t be getting our money back nor would we ask for it. We appreciate all the kindness and attentive care we’ve received each and every day by the beautiful and gentle Balinese people and our household staff of four.

Guy in the ocean at sunset.

Over the weekend, we’ll pack to prepare for Monday morning’s departure from Sumbersari at 9 am for the four or five hour harrowing drive.  Once we arrive at the hotel, we’ll be happy the long drive is behind us. 

We’ll have time to get caught up on some future booking tasks we’ve had trouble completing while here with the slow Internet and of course, on Monday once we arrive, Tom will be able to watch the Minnesota Vikings football game.

Prior to leaving the villa on Monday we’ll post our final expenses for the time we spent in Sumbersari.  Then, on the final day at the hotel , we’ll do the post for the expenses incurred for the six booked nights at the hotel, meals, drinks, tips, and transportation.

Regardless of the difficulty of getting online we’ll continue to post over these next three days as we wrap up our time at this lovely villa.

Be well.


Photo from one year ago today, October 21, 2015:

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